Breaking News – You can now remove websites from Google search

In the latest effort to improve the search results from everybody, you can now remove entire domains from appearing in Google search results. Whether the result is offensive, porn (you won’t block that, right?) or just plain unhelpful (see those content farms a la eHow teaching you how to tie your laces) you can just get rid of it completely and help Google in the process to figure out what websites THEY should filter with their wonder algorithms.

The blocked website goes in a list tied up to your Google Account (so obviously that’s another way for Google to figure out what are you searching for) and it works pretty much like the blocked contacts from various instant messenger apps.

The new feature is will be available starting today on in English for everybody using Chrome 9+, IE8+ and Firefox 3.5+. The rest of the browsers / languages will follow soon.

While the new feature is undoubtedly useful for shaping the search results, I wonder if a farm of computers around the world can be used to completely bury one’s website (competition?)…The web is full now of fake click offers to “improve your traffic” 20,000 visitors for $19.99. Could that change into: “click your competitor to death – 10,000 clicks only $15 with coupon”?

via Google Blog