Amazon Android Appstore officialy opened – works on Nook Color, Free Angry Birds Rio today

Amazon just launched its Android Appstore and if you are one of the first to install it, you’ll get a copy of Angry Birds Rio for free (today only). Starting tomorrow, the price will climb to $0.99 (still an excellent deal in my opinion). At launch the store features approximately 3,800 apps available and, to keep the customers interested, Amazon will make one paid app free for a day (that will get you there daily, won’t it?).

At this point, the store is only available in US. To install it on your device, you’ll need to be able to side-load applications onto your Android device.

Navigate here to install the new Amazon Appstore. You can sign in with your e-mail address or submit your phone number to get an instant message with the download link.

I am also happy to report that the new Android Appstore works really well and smooth on my rooted Nook Color, both with the stock firmware and with CyanogenMod 7 installed on it, in both portrait and landscape mode. It did close unexpectedly once but it is new and I don’t imagine it was tested too much on CyanogenMod 7. However, it works well, it is free and it comes with Angry Birds Rio in exclusivity, at least for now. What are you waiting for?

  • Steven

    I cannot get the app to work on my rooted color nook. Any ideas or suggestions?

  • Randy

    Steven — Try downloading Astro or Root Explorer (the latter costs about $5). They’ll allow you to install non Market apps. Also, try unchecking and rechecking “Allow Non-Market Apps” in NookColor Tools, then reboot the Nook and try again. You’d still need something like Astro or Root Explorer I imagine. Hope that helps man!

  • Todd

    Thank you for the info on the nook color non market apps check list it works great

  • DL

    I can’t figure out how to uninstall apps I downloaded from the Amazon Appstore. Any ideas?

  • I keep getting these messages If I try to install the APP installer. It says unable to install.. If I click the Package installer I get Parse Error .Anyone have any clues to now to fix this?