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CyanogenMod 7.0 RC 4 Release Candidate for Nook Color available

The Nook Color CyanogenMod development progressed faster than many thought possible bringing Android Gingerbread 2.3, Flash, Video hardware acceleration and more to Nook Color and contributing to its sales success (more than 3 million units sold by some reports making it the second best sold tablet behind just Apple’s iPad). Today marks an important achievement with the release of the Release Cadidate version RC 4 for Nook Color (code name Encore), a release that brings CyanogenMod 7.0 firmware even closer to a stable version.
To download yours, go to CyanogenMod website and enjoy it! The filename is

Update: I just installed the update on my Nook Color straight over one of the nightly builds (without clearing any cache) and it works really well, including YouTube with absolutely no stuttering. We have a winner!

Google adds + 1 user recommendation button to their search results

You are now familiar with the Facebook “Like” button present on various sites (including this one). It is a simple way to recommend a certain article to your friends. Well, Google wants in as well and just introduced their own version of “Like” button but with a different name for obvious reasons. Called +1 (plus one)  the new button will pop up soon in Google SERPs (Search Result Pages) and beside giving Google a good feedback about an article usefulness allowing them to improve their search results, it will also give potential visitors a quality idea for various websites prior visiting.

The is obvious the potential for gaming the system by hiring farmers of workers offshore hired to +1 articles from your website and it will be interesting to know how Google plan to alleviate potential cheaters.
The new +1 system is not yet completely deployed and will start like usual with and English. If you want to join the experiment, navigate here and enjoy. You’ll need a Google Account for this, of course. More important, don’t forget to give a +1 to our website as well, if you like our content ;).

via Google Blog

Check after the break for a video clip demo-ing the new Google plus one feature. Read More…

Boxee announces May firmware update for Boxee Box

In a recent blog post, Boxee announced their upcoming Boxee Box May firmware update and also their intention to make a new firmware release every 3 months. This is a smart move that will continuously add features / bug fixes to the popular media streamer box and keep the customers happy. There are few companies committed to continuously improve a product once released (and this takes me back to my previous experience for a $2000 LG connected TV which was supposed to be updated with new Yahoo TV Widgets and didn’t even get a single one beside what was provided from the factory).
The new Boxee Box May update il also add a number of bug features including a much better browser together with favorites and history (something that a lot of users cried for), better video playback including Read More…