Archive | March 23, 2011

Netflix resumes streaming after a 4 hours outage

If you tried to watch Netflix last night, you might have experience issues due to a 4 hours long Netflix service outage. Today, Netflix announced on their website that the service is up and running again.

The outage and length is particularly annoying if you cut the cable cord and rely on Netflix to provide entertainment at a touch of a button. Fortunately,  there were only two such occurrences in the last six months and, after all, cable companies are experiencing issues as well.

Netflix was working hard to resolve the issue, illustrated by their tweet around 12:00AM Pacific Time announcing the fix. I am also pretty sure affected customers will get an e-mail containing apologies and probably some service credit as well.

Netflix continues to grow in size and some time technical issues are unavoidable. Not too long ago, the streaming company passed the 20 million subscribers mark, eats over 20% of the Internet traffic during their peak time and recently made a deal for original content – “House of Cards,”  television series and political thriller from Executive Producer David Fincher and starring Kevin Spacey for which they paid over 100 million dollars covering 26 initial episodes.

Chumby 8 media player / streamer / photo frame pre-orders start today

Remember Chumby?  The most featured photo-frame (OK, we know its not JUST a photo frame, but much, much more) ? It just got a big brother called, of course, Chumby 8. 8 comes of course from the size of the screen which is 8 inches big and 800×600 resolution. The new unit is built around a 800MHz Marvell ARMADA 166 CPU and features 128MB RAM.

Chumby 8 is compatible like its smaller brother with Flash Lite opening it up to a myriad of applications (over 1,500 at the last count includin Napster, Pandora, SHOUTcast, iheartradio, Mediafly, New York Times and CBS) and n also gets a webkit based Internet browser although we can’t really imagine how you’ll use it. The price is also higher ($199 for pre-order) and it comes dangerously close to a Netbook or a Nook Color which if you root and install something like CyanogenMod 7 also gets Adobe Flash support, web browser, video, etc. It’s not Chumby though and history taught us users prefer integrated solutions, a la iPhone.

You can pre-order your Chumby 8 starting today (will ship starting April 5th)  for $199 here. We’ll try to provide a Chumby 8 review if we can put our hands on an unit.

Check after the break for the full Chumby 8 hardware  technical specs, photo gallery and the press release. Read More…