Archive | March 21, 2011

Microsoft sues Barnes & Noble – their Android eReaders infringe patents?

Microsoft flexes its legal muscles again, this time not against Google but against Barnes and Noble and their Android based eReaders. While usually Microsoft doesn’t sue other companies for patents infringement, preferring to sign cross licensing agreements (HTC, Amazon signed such agreements last year) this time Horacio Gutierrez, Microsoft’s VP and intellectual property figure said “We simply cannot ignore infringement of this scope and scale” and that alleged infringed patents cover a range of functions” essential to the user experience.”

Barnes & Noble is not the only corporation hit by the lawsuit, Foxconn International Holdings Ltd., and Inventec Corporation are also on the defendants list.

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Top Nook Color apps – free (quick reviews)

If you rooted / jailbroken your Nook Color (and we strongly suggest you to do so if you haven’t done it already) you might wonder what applications from Android Market work well for it and what are not that well optimized for Nook Color screen resolution (and other Android tablets as well). I created a top list for the free ones (a top for the paid ones to follow).

Most of the applications described in out top list will also work well on other Android tablets. I rooted my Nook Color and have dual boot (Nook Color original OS – Android 2.1 updated to B&N 1.1 firmware and CyanogenMod 7). In my experience, the applications optimized for large screens (tablets) work equally well on both OS versions so what OS you decide to use is up to you. CyanogenMod 7 has currently some issues playing videos synchronized with sound – the playback is choppy) so if you need video playback you are better off using the official B&N firmware ver 1.1 but rooted. For detailed rooting instruction, read our popular  How To root Nook Color article.

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BlackBerry 4G PlayBook Preview – announced by Sprint, to be released in the summer

The first tablet to natively feature 4G connectivity (yes, we know, but XOOM will only get it via an upcoming upgrade, and apparently you’ll have to ship it back to Motorola) BlackBerry 4G PlayBook just went live on Sprint website, together with a launch period, sometime this summer. If you want, you can submit your e-mail address on Sprint’s website to be kept up to date with any new developments (some of which will be disclosed durint Sprint’s CTIA Wireless press event tomorrow). If you are interested in technical specs, here they are:

  • 1G dual core CPU (must have at this point, similar with iPad 2 and Motorola XOOM)
  • Adobe Flash and HTML 5 support
  • true multi-tasking with applications RUNNING simultaneously (we’ll see what this will do to the battery life) Read More…