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Time Warner iPad TV streaming app to launch on March 15 – with a catch

Starting March 15, Time Warner will allow iPad users to watch live TV channels through an upcoming application. The initial offer will contain about 30 channels, all in HD including Comedy Central, MTV and Fox News. More channels will be added in the future, presumably after various agreements are ironed out. The application will be free, but obviously will work only for existing Time Warner subscribers.

The move is obviously designed to combat the huge popularity of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu Plus and to prevent further customer bleeding toward online only services (I need to declare myself one such person). The re is also a big catch: If you thought you’ll travel and get your iPad (and Time Warned channels with you), you are wrong. Apparently, your wireless router will have to be connected to your cable modem for Read More…

How will the new AT&T DSL data caps coming on May 2 affect you?

In a familiar move repeated more and more lately all over the industry, AT&T decides to screw their customers again by imposing new data caps on their DSL service. The new limits are 150GB for the standard DSL service while the U-verse broadband customers will see a slightly larger cap at 250GB of data each month.

The new policy will be launched targeting the heavy users. It won’t be as definitive as other ISP plans and allow you to go over the limit three times before you are charged an extra fees. You’ll also get notifications when you ate through 65 percent, 90 percent or through the whole monthly subscription limit and the extra data will be sold in chunks of 50GB for $10 each chunk.

While AT&T explains their move by pretending that only 2 percent of their customers will be affected and that it is for the good of many since those 2 percent of customers that are heavy users negatively impact the download speeds experienced by everybody else, let’s see how true is this claim and how it might affect you.

While you might not be a heavy user (heavy following AT&T current definition) now, consider this: Services like Netflix / Hulu easily eat through 1- Read More…

iPad 2 demand amazes Apple executives, lack of stocks amazes us

If you were trying to score an iPad 2 this weekend chances are very high that you didn’t get one. With launch day stocks at local Walmart /Target stores at a ridiculous 5 units per store  huge numbers of potential customers returned home empty handed. The demand was actually so big even Apple’s executives were caught unprepared, according to Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller which mentioned that the demand was “amazing” and that “We are working hard to get iPad 2 into the hands of every customer who wants one as quickly as possible.”.

Now, we need to ask: Why is it so amazing that the new IPad 2 was slated to sell that well considering the sales numbers for its previous iteration? The stocks were ridiculously low and in one Target store in my city, the salesperson mentioned that their 5 iPad 2 units sold in one minute, at 4:30PM on Friday, even before the official launch started. We are actually AMAZED that iPad 2 stocks on launching day were so poor, Read More…

Deal of the Day – Hitachi Deskstar 2 TB SATA III – on sale at $69 and free shipping

Run out of storage? Amazon has this 2TB Hitachi Deskstar CoolSpin SATA 3 32MB cache model HDS5C3020ALA632 (0F12117) for only $69.99 with free shipping and no taxes in most states. Excellent customer reviews and for this price, you cannot really go wrong. Just Don’t forget to back-up your data, loosing that much is a pain. Fortunately, they are cheap enough to get two, as I always do. I guess it will be a trend since today’s hard-drives are this large.
This Hitachi drive features their CoolSpin technology to keep power consumption to a minimum and a very quiet operation. An interesting feature is that this drive spins at  5940 rpm instead of the standard 5400rpm  of other green drives offering a significant performance boost. Sequential read/write is around 140MB/s, faster than the WD Green EADS series drives.

How to unbrick your Nook Color, or restore it to factory state

OK, since we posted our popular articles about rooting the Nook Color, we have been asked the same question many times – What if something goes wrong and my Nook Color is bricked? How I can unbrick it? How I can restore it to factory state and start again? Is the rooting process reversible? This article will answer these questions and offer some ways to unbrick / restore your Nook Color if something went wrong.

1. Facts:

It is almost impossible to completely brick your Nook Color (of course if you try really hard…) so there is no reason to get scared. If your device doesn’t boot (Black screen at re-boot) it is probably because your boot partition got corrupted during the rooting process. That’s Read More…