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iPad 2 to sell at Walmart starting launching day – March 11st

Maybe you won’t have to fight to get your iPad 2 at launch from an Apple store after all. Beside being available in AT&T, Verizon and its own Apple stores, iPad 2 will also be available online and in the stores at Walmart but currently showing as out of stock (although at the time of writing, only the 3G capable version is shown as available for purchase). Anyway, it is really good that there is yet another venue to get it. Both black and white versions will be available.

The prices are the same, the 3G version starting at $628 while the WiFI only starting at $499, depending on the configuration.

The AT&T data plan are $14.99 for $250MB or $25 for 2GB. Verizon has several data plans available from $20 for 1GB allowance, $25 for 3GB, $50 for 5GB and $80 for 10GB. Believe me, get the WiFi only and tether through your smartphone, is soo much better / cheaper.

Kinect made Guinness book as the fastest selling electronic device

You know when you have a winner on your hands, right? Yep, when it makes the top list as the fastest selling consumer electronic device in the world, as Microsoft announced yesterday, with well deserved pride. And it looks like it still sells, in the number of 133,333 (nice number) devices a day, over 8 million of them sold in the first two month since on the market and currently well past 10 million mark.

The Kinect games also sold fairly well, without counting the Kinect Adventures included by default with all the Kinect kits, Microsoft sold over 10 million games as well, which considering the debatable quality of many of them, is still a pretty nice figure.

Comparatively, Sony’s Move controller only sold about 4.1 million in the same time frame, while being significantly cheaper.

The new record will be included in the next Guinness World Record Gamer’s edition recognizing record breaking achievements in the world of video games. Kinect sold at the full price during Holidays but is currently on sale at Amazon for a lower than MSRP price.

Deal of the Day – HP V5061u 1080p Digital Camcorder – 3 inches touchscreen $99 shipped

Todays’s deal of the day consists in the cheapest 1080p digital camera I have seen (while being a decent quality at the same time) from Amazon for $99 shipped and no taxes in most states. The camera is a HP V5061u 1080p flash memory based, features a 5MB CMOS sensor, a 3 inches LCD touchscreen with 960 x 240 resolution that can rotate to 270 degrees so you can take your self portrait (this is a nice touch and usually reserved for more expensive equipment), stereo microphone and a weight of only 9.2 Ounces.

Another interesting feature – a DUAL SD card slot for more memory on the road. The output is HDMI so you won’t need any fancy converters and comes with rechargeable batteries but you can use a couple of AA batteries when the main ones run out of juice, again an interesting and quite useful capability.

iPad 2 Reviews roundup – the main conclusions

iPad 2 won’t ship until tomorrow (orders start only at 1:00AM Pacific Time, in Apple store at 5:00PM local time), but there are already a bunch of early reviews around the web from the big guys lucky enough to get their test units early. While everybody is in awe about the reduced thickness of the new Apple device – at only 0.34 inches – amazingly enough even slimmer that the already slim iPhone 4, the general opinion seems to be that the new iteration is more an evolutionary device rather than revolutionary.

Everything is faster and better, that much is sure. The weight is somewhat reduced from around 1.5 pounds to about 1.34 pounds (for Europeans, from 680g to 601g), the overall dimensions are reduced a bit to 9.5 by 7.3 inches (see the comparison table) and the processor in now dual core A5 instead of single core A4.
The memory doubles as well to 512MB from 256MB and there is a new graphic beast inside, around 9 times faster than the Read More…