Archive | March 4, 2011

Libya completely cuts Internet access

Careful so the outside world won’t see exactly how much his people love him, Gaddafi feeling the need to cut something, just cut completely Libya Internet access. You know, he doesn’t want anybody using modern technology to synchronize attacks, meetings, demonstrations, etc.the way they have done it in Egypt (where we saw how well it worked). You can’t say that even the dictators can’t learn from other dictator’s mistakes. Too bad the learning process only stops here…
Anyway, if you look at Google Transparency report, a chart that provides information about Google services around the world, you’ll see that at about 8:00 March 3 the Google Search activity abruptly went down to zero and it is in that position ever since.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 unfavorably compared with iPad 2 by its own company

This tops the “interesting comments of the day” list – immediately after the announcement of iPad 2 which is thinner and faster than its predecessor (and pretty much the thinnest tablet with the longest battery life at this point), Lee Don-Joo, one of Samsung’s top executives had a Freudian slip and, in a short moment of sincerity declared that Samsung tablet is inadequate in the light of iPad 2 features and price and Samsung is trying to “improve the parts that are inadequate”. He did not go with the sincerity so far as to identify those inadequate parts, but we can venture to say that the thickness is one of such factor while the price may be the other.

While thickness can only be reduced by a re-design, price is a factor that you can change instantly and it might very well be that we should expect a price cut in the near future.
Meantime, we are preparing our own iPad 2 review. Let us know what you would like to find in it!