Archive | March 3, 2011

AT&T starts offering Personal Hotspot with iOS 4.3 launch

If you did not yet jailbreak your iPhone, you are missing some important functionality as free tethering (or, if not free, for about $20 one time payment), task manager, 5 icon dock, etc.

Verizon version of iPhone 4 recently added tethering through personal hotspot, although it is not free, nor cheap (at $20 month on top of your existing data plan) and comes with a 2GB data limit to be used while in hotspot / tethered mode.

Now, starting with the launch of iOS 4.4 on March 11 (also the data iPad 2 starts selling), AT&T will also start offering the Personal Hotspot feature. The price will be identical with the Verizon one at $20 / month and will require the $25 DataPro plan as well. The update will roll put automatically with the iOS 4.3 version update, but will only be available to iPhone 4 devices.

While DataPro plan will still be limited at 2GB / month, the new bundle DataPro / Personal Read More…

Windows Phone 7 Samsung smartphones can now be upgraded again

After a buggy update process bricked a number of Samsung Focus and Omnia 7 Windows Phone 7 phones, Microsoft was quick to stop it until it looked for ways to fix it. Apparently it succeeded so the update is available again.

While the update issue only happened in extreme cases, like no more room on the hard-drive or a crappy internet connection that failed in the middle of the upgrade, it affected somewhere toward 10 percent of the total WP7 Samsung phone owners, so it is more than a little bit surprising Microsoft QA team didn’t catch the issue before. Most of the tests are performed exactly in extreme conditions, so low space of bad connection cases should be part of any reasonable test plan.

Well, whatever the problem is, it is now fixed and Microsoft resumed the update. If you have one of the affected models, you should be able to get the upgrade now. Be sure it works, because it prepares the field for the next, more important update called NoDo Read More…