Archive | March 2, 2011

iPad 2 day wrap-up, compared with its older brother

OK, in case you don’t live under a rock, you probably know already that Apple launched with much fanfare their next generation of tablets, iPad 2. While it is obviously an evolution of the original iPad rather than a revolution, the new iPad 2 brings up pretty much everything you would expect in a modern tablet: Dual core processor, speed, and this time it is fast enough to play every codec available up to 1080p, front / back camera for video-conference, all neatly packaged in a super thin 8.8mm device.

The problem? Well, it is exactly as I said: The new iPad 2 brings up pretty much everything you would expect in a modern tablet. That means nothing that Samsung tablets, Motorola Xoom or any one from the many decent tablets to be released this year won’t have. Suddenly, Apple sees itself in the situation of a follower, not a leader. Is this happening every time when you get too big or too comfortable with your market position ? Perhaps, and now Apple will be accused of everything Microsoft was being accused in the last decade…you know, I won’t steal your time with a list.

Don’t get me wrong, iPad 2 is a beautifully executed tablet, a nice design in a very slim package. Apple will sell millions again because of its name. The problem is…Nowadays most of the Read More…