Patriot Xporter Magnum 128GB PEF128GMNUSB Review

If you ever needed to carry a lot of data in a very portable way, you probably have been shopping the way I did, looking around to read various reviews, especially because large USB sticks are quite expensive. After a lot of online research, I found the Patriot Xporter Magnum 128GB PEF128GMNUSB that seemed to have good reviews and a reasonable (reasonable for this size, that is) price. After I got it, I put it through the tests and the results are illustrated in this review.

1. Package:

Patriot Xporter Magnum 128GB PEF128GMNUSB arrived fast, in two days from Amazon. The box itself is small, easy to open (with a pair of scissors) and contains the memory stick itself and a short USB cable (male / female endings) which is very useful if for some reason your USB port is not very accessible.

2. Patriot Xporter Magnum 128GB PEF128GMNUSB Design:

While on the large size, the metal housing is solid and attractive and it gives a sturdy feeling. there have been some reports from people loosing the cover cap but I did not experience this yet. The cap seems to be securely attached to the body. The USB stick is also not very heavy at around 19.5 grams.

3. Performance:

3.1 Daily usage:

Copying large files back and forth works without any problems and, depending on the size, I get anywhere between 15-29 MBytes/s. The reading speed is obviously higher than the writing speed but the drive performs very well for my daily backup needs.

3.2 Benchmarks:

I put the Patriot Xporter Magnum 128GB PEF128GMNUSB through a series of speed benchmarks using some popular (and free) applications like HD Speed, Crystal Disk Mark and Check Flash. The average read speed was around 29 MBytes / s while the average write speed was about 15 MBytes / s. For smaller files, the speed drops significantly but this is a common “feature” for any storage device.

3.2.1 Check Flash

In Check Flash, the average read speed is an impressive 29.04 MBytes / s while the write speed is a very good 14.83 MBytes /s. I found Check Flash to produce the most consistent speed results.

3.2.2 Crystal Disk Mark

Crystal Disk Mark is another free application that puts your USB flash stick through several tests using file various sizes for read / write tests. For sequential access, the speeds are pretty much in line with Check Flash numbers but, as expected, the random access speeds drop significantly when lowering the file size, especially at writing.

3.2.3 HD Speed

HD Speed will destroy all the data on the stick when performing the write speed test so I choose to only run the read test. Again, the average reading speed is around 29.3 MBytes / s, in line with the other numbers.

4. Conclusion:

Patriot Xporter Magnum 128GB PEF128GMNUSB is a very fast drive that should solve your files transport / backup needs for a while. The drive itself seems very solid and attractive and I did not experience any errors in daily usage. While not the largest on the market, it offers the best price-performance ratio currently and it is plenty fast for most needs.


4.1 Pros:

  • Very Fast, especially at reading
  • Feels solid and looks attractive
  • Low comparable price

4.2 Cons:

  • somewhat large, but hey, it’s a whooping 128GB!
  • while it has a low comparable price, it is still expensive

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