How to install Android Honeycomb 3.0 and the market on the Nook Color

Today is the day folks, and Nook Color becomes the first cheap tablet to get support for Google’s newest Android OS version 3.0  Honeycomb. The image is out in the open and free for download, although due to the amount of bandwidth used, you’ll have to expect the download source to change continuously.

While today’s release feels somewhat like a pre-alpha package, this is to be expected. There are still drivers unique to Nook Color missing and the image still has stability issues but the graphic acceleration is there together with accelerometer support, WiFi connection, touchscreen (of course), sound and sleep mode. There is no hardware video decoding either.

If you want to play with the current version, this link works (for now),. The Android 3.0 for Nook Color download is 466MB big and called nookhoney02.img. Download it, write it on a 8GB memory card (4GB might work but you won’t have much space left for anything). Choose a very fast card or the performance will be very slow.

If you are working in Windows, you can download WinImage 8.5 from here and use it to write the nookhoney02.img to it. If you need instructions in how to write the image onthe microSD card, check out our Nook Color root article. You’ll get better results if you use a 64 bit OS since the extracted file is quite big and use Winrar 64bit version to extract it.

After the image is written, you’ll need to completely turn off your Nook Color and then insert the prepared microSD card in it, then power it back again. The Nook Color will boot up in a Honeycomb splendor.

If you want to install the Android market, it was reported that version 2.2.11 works well. Here are the steps:

0. Prerequisite: Have a rooted Nook Color. For How to instructions, read this article.

1. Download the Android Market

2. Download Google Services Framework

3. Place the files downloaded from step 1 and 2 inside your Android SDK \ Tools folder

4. If step 3 doesn’t make sense, read our How to root Nook Color article. It will provide you with the basics in how to perform each step.

5. Copy both files onto your Nook Color using ADB command windows and performing the following commands:

6. Open a command prompt in that folder, and issue the following commands: (what they are doing is mount the Nook Color system folder as writable, push both files downloaded at steps 1 & 2 into the device, inside the system folder, changing the permissions and rebooting the device). After reboot, open the Android Market app and sign in using your gmail credentials.

adb shell mount -o remount,rw /dev/block/mmcblk1p2 /system

adb push Vending.apk system/app/Vending.apk

adb push GoogleServicesFramework.apk system/app/GoogleServicesFramework.apk

adb shell

cd system/app

chmod 6755 Vending.apk

chmod 6755 GoogleServicesFramework.apk


adb reboot

Thanks to deeper-blue

  • Mike

    Step 6 is that all being performed on the SD Card or the internal Memory? Honeycomb is installed on the SD Card and not the internal memory I just wanted to confirm teh Market was being installed on the SD card all so

  • Tucan


    system/app should be your actual system folder. If you booted from SD card, then your system folder will be on the SD card

  • David

    Hmm, I thought all was (finally) going well, but I think something needs to be changed because I am booting from SD card. Can you reply more specifically about what to do differently in that case? Please assume (and this would be correct) that I know very little about what I am doing so I have to rely on very specific instructions. Thanks for any help… I really like having the NC with Honeycomb, but I am having a lot of trouble getting the market installed.