Greenp0ison brings jailbreak to iOS 4.2.6 Verizon iPhone 4 devices

The time you need to wait until a new device is hacked is getting shorter and shorter these days and it looks like the hackers started to streamline the process, to use an expression dear to the management. Now, thanks to Chronic Dev team hackers and their latest greenpoison version RC 5.4, the owners of both Windows and Mac computers can perform a quick magic and jailbreak their newly acquired iPhone 4 from Verizon which currently ship with iOS version 4.2.6 installed. The rooting / jailbreaking process is very simple and identical with the one we just published for AT&T devices and will install Cydia on your iPhone open it to tethering and other useful applications that mighty Apple will never allow in their store, including the recently ported XBMC.

You can download the greenpoison Windows version here and Mac version here. For a step by step tutorial, check our how to jailbreak iPhone for AT&T, the process is exactly the same (get the iPhone in DFU mode and let greenp0ison app take it from there)

There are some reports regarding difficulties in downloading Cydia but this is always to be expected right after an announcement or new release when servers are getting hammered. Just wait for several hours and things will get back to normal.