Archive | February 23, 2011

Amazon Prime Review – Instant Streaming of Movies / TV Shows vs Netflix and Hulu Plus offerings

1. Introduction:

We announced a couple of days ago the big news – the Amazon launch of their new streaming service at no cost for their Amazon Prime customers. For those already familiar with Amazon on Demand premium streaming service, the fact that Amazon is serious about the movie streaming business comes as no surprise.
The big surprise however is that Amazon will basically give the service for free to the Amazon Prime subscribers. Why are they doing it? Is it worth subscribing to Amazon Prime just to get the free streaming service? How well it works as both web browser experience and using a dedicated media streamer box? How is the image quality? This review will try to answer to all these questions.

For those of you that don’t know, Amazon Prime is a subscription costing $79 / year that brings a big advantage: Free two days Read More…

Wacom Bamboo Touch Review

1. Introduction

Bamboo Touch made by Wacom (model CTT460) is a cheap way (probably the cheapest at under $50) to add Multi-Touch input functionality to any computer that has an USB port and it also enables hand gestures like scrolling, zoom (pinch and zoom), rotate, forward and back. While modern notebooks started to have multi-touch trackpads, they are still small, limited obviously by the notebook small size and relatively awckward to use. In today’s review we put Bamboo Touch to the test and see how it installs, performs in day to day use.

Among the test we’ll perform is how well it works when using it for tasks suited for gestures / multi-touch input as just moving around the desktop, surfing the Internet, scrolling through the documents, through photos (including zooming / rotating the photos), etc..

2. Wacom Bamboo Touch Unpacking

The box contains a small manual, the software CD and the Wacom Bamboo Touch tablet itself. The included CD only contains the drivers, no free software is included. However, by registering online with Wacom, you’ll be able to get discounts to popular drawing / animation software suites if interested. Read More…

WordPress 3.1 Final Released – Review

The highly popular WordPress blogging platform (which happens to power the website you are just surfing as well) got a new release, version 3.1 “Reinhardt” named in the honor of jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. The database version is 17056 and the Trac revision is 17485. Per WordPress blog, there were over 2000 commits on the codebase and 820 closed issues.  I just performed the update and around 5 seconds later everything was good to go, the website still works as you can see and everything is fine. The admin interface feels updated and everything just feels faster than before.

The advanced taxonomy and custom fields queries, archive pages for custom content types and Post Formats support that enable themes to create portable tumblelogs with different styling for different types of posts enhance WordPress’s value as a CMS system as well.

Among the most important new features, you can find:


Read More…