Archive | February 18, 2011

Silicondust new generation HDHomeRun HDHR3 network Dual TV tuner available for pre-order at Amazon

Silicondust’s newest HDHomeRun QAM/ATSC tuner model HDHR3-US is now available for pre-order at Amazon. Currently, HDHR3 is priced lower than its predecessors at $129, it is much smaller and it uses latest generation components. Here it is what is new:

Single input
The Rev3 includes an internal zero-loss active splitter.

´╗┐TV sources: ATSC digital TV (antenna), Unencrypted digital cable TV (Clear QAM), DVB-T digital TV (antenna)

RF chipset
The Rev3 uses two high performance MaxLinear 1GHz silicon tuners feeding two latest-gen Trident demodulators. Read More…

Review Horizon can now be pinned to your Taskbar in IE9 – How to

We just implemented a new and cool feature, taking advantage of the new Internet Explorer 9 Pin to your Taskbar capability.

If you are using IE9 (and you should give it a try, it is faster and cleaner than before) you can now drag the tab where Review Horizon window is opened and pin it to your Windows 7 Taskbar.

Once you do this, you will not only able to easily access our website in a fast manner, but by doing a right-click on the Review Horizon icon, you’ll see (and be able to fast access) its most popular categories as Hacking and Jailbreakimg, Reviews, HowTo’s, eBook Readers, Media Streamers, etc opening the desired page/category using only one click.

Take it to a fast test drive and tell us what you think!

Note: To implement this feature, we used the free IE9 Pinned Site WordPress plug-in which, as you see, works quite well.