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Trying to reinvent itself, Nokia just follows. Does it matter though?

The big news came last night! Nokia, in a move to restructure and reinvent itself, has chosen to go Microsoft way and will  kill Symbian platform, that failed to capture a significant amount of market, especially compared with eco-systems like iOS and Android. Nokia and Microsoft signed a strategic alliance that will bring Microsoft technologies as Windows Phone, Bing search engine, XBOX live gaming platform, etc to Nokia.

Nokia’s new CEO Stephen Elop which incidentally is also a former Microsoft executive had a big role in the deal, that much is sure. However, if you take a deeper look at the situation, there are only two directions Nokia could have gone: Android, but the market is already saturated by various handsets and tablets, and it will become even more so in 2011 and WP7. We know Apple will never open their system, and for now it works well for them and inventing yet another OS and eco-system by itself proved to be to big of a task for Nokia.

Not everybody is happy with this decision, of course. More than a thousand Nokia employees from the Tampere office working on Symbian were out on the street protesting the decision to kill the failed OS while Nokia stock took a dive today dropping more than 12 percent. In my opinion, however, the decision was the best in the current conditions. And, it looks like part of the deal was that Nokia will be allowed to completely customize Windows phone 7 UI if it chooses so. Neat!

Check out Nokia’s announcement in a video after the break.

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