Archive | February 9, 2011

Sony tweets PS3 USB dongle ID generator key by mistake, should sue itself

In the cycle “The Internet gaffe of the day”, Sony’s fake employee Kevin Butler usually used to crack jokes and announcements on Twitter by the Sony itself posted by mistake USB dongle ID generator key that can be used to bypass PS3 security system.

The key is used for jailbreaking the PS3, related to the recent Sony vs Geohot lawsuit and, since Geohot took the info offline since then, somebody at Sony felt compelled to fill the gap, mistakenly believing it has some kind of relation to battleship game.

The tweet has been hastily removed but a screenshot remains for posterity and also to serve as yet another example that nothing is truly lost on the web, especially when the ones responsible to hide it inadvertently make it even more popular.

As funny the situation is, the code is somewhat obsolete since Sony changed the dongle master key starting with firmware 3.56.

The screenshot was obtained thanks to Engadget.

Windows 7 SP 1 ready, will be RTM-ed today

Yep, good news, Microsoft announced that Service Pack 1 for both Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 will get officially released to manufacturing (RTM) today. You’ll have to wait a little bit longer to get it though. The OEM partners will get it first, MSDN/Technet users are the next on the list, still this month (Feb 16th if you believe the rumors) and public download on February 22nd.

For many, Windows 7 was as good OS as they ever got, right from the beginning. There are the others though, that only jump to a new OS after at least SP1, especially if its Microsoft ;). While nothing new functionality wise is expected for Windows 7, aside the expected bug fixes, Server 2008 R2 gets RemoteFX technology destined provide USB redirection, to accelerate Remote desktop connection (yay, I used that a lot and that’s a really good news) that should enable Aero and video playing, Silverlight animations, etc.

There is not yet known how much bandwidth RemoteFX will require but the server machine should have a DirectX 10.0 capable graphics card and Hyper-V available and will make Microsoft’s own virtualization solution Hyper-V better suited to compete with VMware ESX.

A new improvement also comes to Hyper-V allowing virtual machines to have their allowed memory adjusted dynamically.

AT&T is getting desperate, launches unlimited mobile to mobile plan to prevent iPhone users to defect to Verizon

We knew the moment Verizon will start providing iPhones that at least some of the users will switch from AT&T, especially after various nightmare stories concerning dropped calls tarnished AT&T’s image as a carrier.

It looks like based on AT&T’s own projections, the number will certainly be much larger that they are comfortable to admit so the company is launching program after program to counteract such customer defections. First, the company started by offering back unlimited data plans to iPhone users and now the communication giant launched a new unlimited calling plan.

AT&T Unlimited Mobile to Any Mobile applies to the customers already subscribing to unlimited messaging (a weird requirement) and offers, you guessed, unlimited minutes to any US cellphone from any carrier. Both new and existing customers should qualify, as well as both individual and family plans.

The new plan will launch tomorrow, Feb 10th that coincides with the official launch of Verizon iPhone. If you want to buy locally, Verizon iPhone 4 will be available in the Walmart stores the same time it launches nationally.