Archive | February 2, 2011

Microsoft releases H.264 video plugin for Chrome

Some time ago Google announced they’ll stop supporting H.264 video format in their Chrome browser, in an effort so side step and royalties needed. Since then, the consortium supporting the H.264 coded announced they won’t ask for royalties but Google still stopped their support with the obvious intention of pushing their own VP8 codec. At that time, Microsoft announced their intention in filling the gap by releasing a Chrome add-in designed to bring back H.264 support to Chrome. Through the same method, Microsoft provided H.264 support for Firefox for quite some time.

Today it happened and Microsoft released the Windows media Player HTML5 Extension for Chrome (a mouthful, we know) and enables Windows 7 users to enjoy their H.264 videos in Chrome like before.

Not taking sides, Microsoft also announced that their upcoming Internet Explorer 9 will support both H.264 and VP8 as well (if the user has a VP8 codec installed).

You can download the newly released Chrome add-in right here.

via Microsoft Blog