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Google Chrome temporarily classifies Hotmail as malware infected

Oops! If you are using Google Chrome and tried to navigate to Microsoft Hotmail today, you could have seen the following warning:

“Warning: Something’s Not Right Here! contains content from, a site known to distribute malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site.
Google has found malicious software may be installed onto your computer if you proceed. If you’ve visited this site in the past or you trust this site, it’s possible that it has just recently been compromised by a hacker. You should not proceed, and perhaps try again tomorrow or go somewhere else.”

Going forward to Google’s Safe Browsing diagnostic page you can find that the malicious software includes 22 scripting exploit(s), 21 trojan(s).

It is not clear what exactly is the relation between Hotmail and the malware website. I wonder if it is just an error on Google’s side or if it is something more serious happening…

Deal of the Day – Nook Color on eBay on sale for $199 shipped

Excellent deal for an excellent eReader. You can order Barnes & Noble Nook Color for $199 with free shipping from eBay, after applying CBARNESDD coupon during checkout. You can check our full featured Nook Color Review together with our series of articles about How to root Nook Color. The tablet can run Android 3.0 Honeycomb (you have to to some hacking work to enable it) and after you root it you can install Android Market and many apps.

The units sold on eBay are new, not refurbished and the seller is Barnes & Noble.

European customs seize PlayStation shipments due to LG lawsuit

Folks, this is very big…In the latest turn of events in LG vs Sony legal fight concerning various patents infringement, The civil court of justice from Hague sided with LG and ordered a preliminary injunction against Sony. The result? New PS3 shipments all around Europe are seized by the customs for an initial 10 days, until the law fog will clear.

While many retailers will have stock for more than a week, we need to emphasize the word: initial. There is no way to be sure that the injunction won’t last more than 10 days and if that happens, prospective European gamer will have to go on eBay or any other version of Craiglist they might have. Sony imports / sells around 100,000 units / week so the impact is quite big and you can bet Sony is firing all their legal guns to see the injunction overturned as soon as possible. Anyway, expect PS3 prices to skyrocket in Europe in the near therm.

While the inunction is temporary, it is possible that, if the judge finds Sony guilty of patents infringement, Sony could be in deep legal and financial trouble being forced to pay LG damages for every PS3 console ever sold around the planet. That would hurt big time.

via Guardian

AT&T starts selling Kindle 3 eReader, 3G version

Kindle 3, while the best dedicated eReader on the market today (see out Kindle 3 Review) is not necessary a communication device, even if its capabilities in this region are by no means to be ignored. However, it has unlimited 3G, a quite capable Web Browser and, most important, it works in AT&T wireless network. This prompted AT&T to  start selling Kindle 3 3G version in their own stores, starting on March 6th.

The 3G version sells for $189, same price like in the Amazon store and, while I would recommend you to buy directly from Amazon because of the taxes, the advantage of having a Kindle in the AT&T store is that you can go there and play with it before you are making the purchase.

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Review Horizon has a new look

As you probably noticed, Review Horizon got a new look. Let us know if you like it! We are using the premium theme called BoldNews created by WooThemes (costs $70) but it features a rather nice slider and banner / sidebar ad space, popular/latest/comments/tags tab widget.

Skype introduces Skype To Go Direct-Dial – works via your existing phone line

This is very interesting: You won’t need Internet access to make Skype calls anymore, thanks to a new upgrade in the service called Skype To Go that Skype just launched. Skype To Go Direct Dial will allow a user to make phone calls using Skype, not from the computer but from a cell phone or land-line. The good part is that in order to use the new service you won’t need an Internet connection anymore. Maybe not necessarily useful for landlines but perfect for mobile use if you do not want to subscribe to those pesky data plans. 3G is not required either since you will not send any data and the voice – data connection is performed inside Skype’s own servers.

How it works? By converting the phone number you want to call into a unique Skype To Go number. A local calling code is attached as well, so you won’t have to pay long distance fees. Since the call is routed through Skype, their calling rates will apply in this case so you’ll need to use Skype Credit or a Skype subscription plan. The connection fee is 3.9 cents per call.

Users can now save a direct dialed Skype To Go phone number and have up to nine of these numbers saved in their phone.

The new Skype To Go service opens a new era especially for international calls. You won’t need a computer to call your relatives abroad and while there are already various plans to talk for cheap from landlines, calling cheap via mobile phones was a little bit more complicated until now.

“Here’s how the magic works. Let’s say your aunt lives in Australia and you live in New York…Simply give us your aunt’s number in Australia, and Read More…

Google search algorithm update to go after content farms and low quality sites

If you searched for something and on top of your SERP (Search Results Page) came eHow with crappy articles like how to tie your laces or how to be successful in life by smiling (no, I’m not joking) then you can understand that something had to change, at least if Google hopes to remain the leader of web search on long term.

Well, the search giant started to take action and in their case, that means some algorithm tweaking. While per their own admission Google tweaks their algorithms many times (around 500 times per year) most of the changes are minor. This one however is massive, affecting 11.8% from our queries which means billions of queries will be affected.

The change is designed to lower the ranking for low quality websites, the ones that do not provide original content or low usefulness websites. Obviously to keep everything nicely balanced, the sites at the opposite side, the ones that brings high quality content will see their rankings boosted.

To serve the same purpose, Google launched not too long ago a Chrome extension that tries to get the popular vibe about various sites, but today’s change does not seem to rely on that data. This makes sense since the extension is still fairly new and data gathered is limited. However, Google compared the new page rank as calculated by the new algorithm versus whatever data gathered from Chrome users and the match seems to be around 84%. Not bad, but we should expect thousands of small and medium websites to be caught in the process and benefit or be punished for no particular reason.

The change will happen first in US followed by the rest of the world.

via Google Blog


Sony drops PSP prices to $129, cheaper games as well

Presumably preparing for the new NGP (their next generation console) and in an effort to squeeze more life from the platform, Sony announced that it is cutting the prices of their PSP-3000 model from $169.99 to the low $129.99. The price cut will be in effect starting this Sunday, February 27th.
The price cut will also affect some of popular PSP games which will make it into the PSP Greatest Hits collection. Among them, you can find titles like Metal gear Solid: Peace Walker, Little Big Planet (my son’s favorite). Assasin’s Creeed: Bloodlines, Dissidia: Final Fantasy and Toy Story 3: The Videogame.
In the category of bargain $9.99 prices, we can find new titles like: Crisis Core, Final Fantasy VII, Daxter, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Killzone: Liberation, Tomb Raider, etc.

Check after the break for the video ad.

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Xtreamer Prodigy to launch in four days, supports AirPlay, USB 3.0, Flash and Netflix, review to follow

Update 2 (09-13-2011) : Xtreamer pushed back the release date to Oct 5 for their Xtreamer Prodigy. Some specs were also updated like 3D support now listed as available and any Netflix mention removed without a trace. The pre-order price was also increased to aroud $200 Euro + shipping. Still interested?

Update: Based on some insider info we got, Xtreamer Prodigy anticipated release date should be sometime mid to end August, bar any production problems and will contain Xtreamer firmware release 3.

Let’s be honest, there are soooo many media streamers on the market but so few that are worthy of your attention. Among them, Boxee Box, WD TV Live Plus and several others. Xtreamer is certainly a big player in Europe, but not that much in US. Let’s hope this will change as the latest media player / streamer box to arrive from the company called Xtreamer Prodigy seems to deliver big time.

Beside support for USB 3.0, a first for any media streamer to date, Gigabit Ethernet, 7.1 channels audio bit-streaming supporting Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD master audio, Xtreamer Prodigy also features Apple AirPlay support streaming music, videos and photos to compatible devices around your house, Opera web browser, a Flash user interface (and Adobe Flash support as well), a SQL-Lite database for storing media info and a search function, DDns (Dynamic DNS for accessing the device from anywhere on the web), native keyboard / mouse support, DVD backup and so on, the device sounds more like a wishlist than a normal media streamer, and all this is promised for a rather low price of €119. We’ll see when it is released (about four days from now) if it lives up to its promises and we also promise to release a comprehensive review as soon as we can get our hands on one unit.

Online services are not left out of the equation either, Xtreamer Prodigy brings support for, MLB.TV, Pandora, Yahoo Finance, YouTube XL, Facebook, SHOUTcast radio, Sky.FM, Flickr, Picasa, Wikipedia, Google Search and, very very interesting, Netflix support (altough the details are sketchy about this).

Hardware wise, Xtreamer prodigy is built around RTH Chipset 1185 which promises excellent support for 1080p MKV files and pretty much everything else under the sun.

Check after the break for a photo gallery and a video demonstrating the box in all its splendor. Read More…

Nook controls a quarter of eBooks and eReaders market

In a recent financial report covering the last quarter, Barnes & Noble disclosed that they are representing 25 percent of the eBook market in United States.
The number is actually larger that their share in physical books, which is quite surprising considering that Barnes & Noble has a bunch of stores in many parts of the country (and apparently they are considering opening more, especially where the recently bankrupt Borders will close their own stores).
Going back to the eReaders, it is obvious that in Barnes & Noble case, the strategy of building their own readers (and really nice ones) has paid off. Let’s be honest, Nook and Nook Color just look gorgeous, and, if you also rooted your Nook Color, there are soo many new possibilities for the $250 little tablet.
Read our articles about rooting them and converting Nook Color in a full featured Android tablet and you’ll see what I’m, talking about.