Roku adds first live TV channel – a la carte TV selection to follow?

Roku made news today adding the first live channel (called linear feed) in the history of the media streamer boxes. The channel is not very well known (at least I never heard of it before) – WealthTV and it is offered for $2.99 / month. Regardless the channel though, it opens the door for a la carte content, something that definitely might ease your cable bill and putting the first nail in the coffin of more established service providers as your cable or satellite company.

That being said, this announcement made my day as a sign of things to come and re-enforce my family’s decision to cut the cable cord. Now, we only need to wait for SyFy (for me), HGTV / Food (for my wife) and some kids content and we are good to go.

The new channel will stream in HD, offer 24/7 content and work exactly as a live channel allowing you to drop in and see what’s on at that very moment.

via WealthTV

  • Paula

    Cut the cord, we did it with the Fox fiasco, the filter they put on the house basic gets through in HD all other stuff we Roku

  • Chuck

    The Roku already has lots of kids channels. Kidlet channel is awesome for the kids *Cough* or adults like me. The syfy channel would be an awesome channel to get, although, there are some work arounds on the Roku to get some of you favorite shows in your Roku, if you just search!!!! GO ROKU!