Real Player for Android gets updated, works on Nook Color

While still in beta, RealPlayer from RealNetworks got an update version The new version sports a much improved user interface, plays easily some video formats other applications don’t support and overall just a great way of enjoying your media on whatever Android device you have. Even better is the Nook Color support (you won’t find it on the Android market app so you’ll have to dig around and find an alternative mean of having it, then side-load it). Since the applications is actually free, there is no piracy involved.
The application will be a bit slow during its first launch until it scans all your directories and indexes your media files, after that it should be fairly fast.

One of the annoyances is that the folder playback only allows you to select in which folder the player should look for the media, it doesn’t actually allow you to browse for media at playback time. Also, if you need to scale the video to play in full screen, you’ll need access to the physical menu button at playback time. Softkeys will fix it though, and once you set a scaling mode will stick.

Among the new features in this version, we need to mention:

  • Home screen widget
  • Videos and song removal
  • Music playslits
  • Folder playback

All in all, a solid media player and we eagerly wait to get more updates to it and maybe, at some point, the media streaming RealPlayer is actually famous for.