Nook Color Bluetooth adapter used for the first time

Today marks an important step for the full transformation of Nook Color into a cheap and stylish full featured Android tablet. User occip from XDA Developers managed for the first time to use the embedded Bluetooth device that all the Nook Colors have embedded but turned off by default.

There have been some questions about the Bluetooth capability of the Nook Color devices but now that we know the hardware is there and can be used, more functionality will surely come, including usage of Bluetooth headsets for Skype users, maybe even Bluetooth enabled GPS usage using external GPS adapters, etc. The possibilities are endless.

The process is not for everybody to use though, being available only on Android Froyo (2.2) builds and tis functionality is still very buggy. Currently, Nook Color comes with Android 2.1 by default and the update is a complicated process. However, B&N promised Froyo update sometime in the following month so, we might have microphone input / GPS via Bluetooth devices sooner than expected.

Nook Color has been rooted for some time transforming into a full fledged Android tablet. We have a number of articles explaining the process in detail.