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VUDU finally finds its way to Boxee Box in software version

Folks, it finally happened. After a long wait and several deadlines passed, Boxee Box gets VUDU in all its splendor of 1080p streaming with 5.1 surround audio. The update at version will be triggered automatically over the next 24 hours or so but we are sure you won’t be able to wait that long.

Beside VUDU support, the update brings a set of new fixes that should increase the appeal of the bug ridden box. Among the most important fixes you can find:control video de-interlacing, MKV forced subtitles support, browser upgrades (cool!), 4:3 videos stretched to 16:9 issue, audio dropouts in DTS-HD, watched indicators for TV shows, SMB credentials saved after reboot and many others.

Although there is a mention of a $5.99 credit from VUDU for first users, there are reports that the credit is more like $3.99, at least for some users. Either way, it is a good start to your movie renting so download/update/restart your Boxee Box and start watching.

Warning: For the users participating in the beta test with version RC2 there is no update as RC2 being was promoted to SP3 and official release version.

Check  Boxee Blog for the Press Release and the full list of fixes. Now, if only Netflix / Hulu Plus would be supported, it would be THE media player / streamer to have for me…

Opera browser to come on Sony Bravia TVs and Blu-ray players

Sony and Opera just announced that they’ll work together to bring Opera Web browser on Sony connected devices like TV sets and Blu-ray players. In an obvious departure from PS3 crappy browser, the new Opera solution will support HTML5, OIPF and HbbTV. There is not talking yet about Flash so we can only hope they’ll be smart enough to include it.

Today’s announcement does not include however any information about when the new devices supporting Opera will be launches, although it has to be this year and presumably on  the devices launched at CES 2011. Now if only Sony could replace their PS3 stock browser with the Opera version, we’ll declare ourselves satisfied.

Check after the break for a hands-on video.

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