Archive | January 12, 2011

iOS 4.3 Beta released to developers

Apple just released iOS version 4.3 Beta to the developers, available to download right now.

The build number is 8F5148B and it includes a bunch of cool features like new finger gestures for iPad, AirPlay video streaming for 3rd party applications, personal hotspot technology allowing up to 5 computers to tether through the iPhone at the same time as we previously announced, new camera effects and hardware rotation lock for iPad devices.

iAd full screen banners are also reported available together with HTTP Live streaming statistics using the new AVFoundation API.

All in all, a nice update and we can’t wait until it is completely released and jailbroken, of course.

The devices compatible with the new iOS 4.3 are: iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPod touch 3rd and 4th generation and Apple TV. Regarding Apple TV, I wonder when exactly we’ll see an actual app store for it. That would make it a must buy device, especially at the current $99 price.

AOC 2436V Review – 24″ LCD 1920×1080 Monitor

1. Introduction

Much to my surprise when I started digging about company info before writing this review, I found out that AOC as a company was way older than I expected with roots in the old Admiral company established in 1934 in Chicago.  In 1947 the brand was established in US as a TV manufacturer and was one of the first company ever to produce color TV sets, by 1951 producing around 5 million units. In 1967 the name became Admiral Overseas Corporation and became what it is today, a manufacturer of budget TV, monitors and all in one PCs.

AOC 2436V is once of the cheapest if not the cheapest 24″ full HD (1920×1080) LCD monitor on the market today. I recently bought it for around $125 and for this price, the value is hard to beat. While you can’t expect an amazing quality for such a cheap monitor, we’ll review it today and try to answer many usability questions as well.

2. Unpacking Read More…

Free PBS app featuring full length content arrives on iPhone

iPhone is again the first to get the goodies and in this case, a free PBS application streaming full length PBS content. The application is available on iPhone and iPod touch and includes more than 300 hours of video.

The free content available for streaming is produces by FRONTLINE, PBS Newshour, and others and also features a reminder calendar to help you stay in touch with live shows on TV.

Together with this application, PBS also launched PBS Antiques Roadshow game that allows you to collect, appraise and bid on real antiques but in a virtual manner.

Now, having this on iPhone is nice, however I find myself using my rooted Nook Color more and more for media, including the new and improved Dish Network Remote app. When should we expect an application made for Android platform? In terms of total installations, Android devices are pretty much on par with iOS devices…

Check after the break for PBS’s full Press Release. Read More…

iPhone personal hotspot to come in iOS 4.3

According to a story published in BGR, the new personal hotspot featured in the newly released Verizon iPhone 4 will get universal once the iOS version 4.3 is up and running. That would be a good reason for the ones with a jailbroken iDevice to upgrade (and let’s hope a jailbreaking process comes along as ell), especially if the carriers will support it without making you pay through your nose. (If we are talking about AT&T I am not that sure anymore).

The functionality will match the technology found in some Android handsets and will allow connection of 5 WiFi devices tethering to iPhone. The tethering will be available over WiFi and/or Bluetooth.

BGR has even more details claiming the functionality will come in March, precisely in the version 8F5148b with 04.08.00 baseband.

Good news for the ones still waiting for MyWi to cough up the infrastructure mode and even better news if you have an Android tablet (like Nook Color) to tether through your iPhone.