Archive | January 9, 2011

Boxee Box software update Fiona SP3 live, still no VUDU or Netflix. Update: Retracted already!

Boxee Box just unveiled a new update, version Fiona SP3 build The update fixes a number of important issues including (check here and here for the full list). I just updated my box and indeed, some critical issues for me like the ability to fast forward / pause files stored on the network are fixed now, also issues concerning subtitles, network shares, video stretching and various crashes are fixed as well. The only problem is that I, along with everybody else expected some VUDU love which is still not here. If you try to download the application, it doesn’t say it will come soon, instead it gives an error message. Oh well, at least is good that Boxee does something and fixing so many issues in such a short times tells me two important things: first, they are committed on customer satisfaction and second – they didn’t really test the initial release version but they rushed it to the market to ship the box in time for the holidays…no surprises here, I got about the same experience with Nook.

Note: After the box is updated with the new software, even after restart it might not work right away. In my case I got a message that the Boxee Box cannot connect to the Internet followed by a blank screen. After a manual reboot the box started fine.

Update: There are still files I cannot resume after a pause, like some OGM files I use to test. The Boxee Box hangs and the only way to continue is to power it down then up again…Bummer! ┬áThe browser however is now in full screen and takes advantage of my 60″ plasma!

Update 2: Boxee pulled the new firmware already due to various issues including defective web streams handling. Acording to their blog, a fix is in works for those of us that updated already.
This must have been one of the shortest lived updates in history.

Update 3: A new release candidate version RC was released by Boxee on a limited basis. If it is well received it will go gold. It looks that Boxee became more cautions when releasing untested software and this is always a good thing.