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CBS content purchasing, VUDU 3D and iPad App headed to Boxee Box

While Netflix is still not here, at least until the end of the month, Boxee has other goods coming to keep us interested. One of the news is a recent agreement signed with CBS that will allow Boxee’s users to purchase full episodes from CBS (both old and new content), starting sometime later in the year.

Another news is that when VUDU client arrives on Boxee Box (next week presumably) it will also stream 3D content and, the last one for today – Boxee for iPad app is in the works and it will allow video streaming from the PC, access videos from Watch later list and Facebook / Twitter feeds, etc.

Also a reminder that Boxee Box will release a software update, hopefully by the end of this week which, among other things should fix an annoying bug that would freeze the box after a fast forward  / reverse / pause attempt on some video files.

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iriver Story HD eReader announced, the highest ePaper resolution to date

If the Kindle’s 3 gorgeous pearl ePaper display is not enough for you, the new iriver Story HD takes the screen resolution one step further unveiling the highest resolution eReader to date – a 768 x 1024 6 inches device using a ePaper display from LG Display.

Beside the higher resolution, iriver also claims a faster page by page turn speed due to both the new ePaper technology and a speedy (speedy for an eReader, that is) Freescale i.MX508 CPU. The CPU is a system on a chip designed specifically for eReaders and integrates a 800MHz ARM Cortex™-A8 processor and an E Ink® display controller. Neat!

In terms of connectivity, Story 3D has a WiFi adapter but no 3G. A physical keyboard is also integrated, similar with Amazon’s Kindle and the formats supported are Adobe DRM’d EPUB and PDF. No price is available yet and no definite release date other than a vague Q2 2011. Jump after the break for the full press release.

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Barnes and Noble have the best year yet thanks to NOOK and NOOKcolor

I knew I am not the only one in love with my Nook Color (full review here, rooting instructions here). We actually have three Nook products in the family, my wife has one, my dad has one and I have the color version, of course. Beside us, millions of other people bought a Nook making it the biggest Barnes and Noble selling product in history…Sounds familiar? Same record as Kindle 3 for Amazon.

While the company doesn’t release exact numbers in terms of units sold, the company’s website had an increase of 78% in sales versus last year season and NOOKColor brought by itself a lot of new customers that never shopped B&N before (60%). In terms of gross sales, B&N sold $228.5 million worth of items over the holiday period, a 67% jump over the same period in 2009, beating even the most optimist forecasts.

The fact that all these records are possible thanks to one product category – eBook Readers signals a significant shift in how consumers are consuming the media – everything mobile. If the trend continues, we’ll have less and less need to upgrade our PCs as long as they are good enough for Internet surfing / Office / 1080p video support.

Everything Kinect – Avatar Kinect for Netflix and Hulu Plus for XBOX 360 in Spring

Minority Report type technology is here, in our living rooms and is getting better. Support for Microsoft full body controller touches more and more applications and now Netflix gets Kinect interface. Not only Netflix though, Zune Marketplace and ESPN apps also get Kinect gestures support and, also in the Spring the long awaited Hulu Plus will see the light of the day…or your living rooms as well.
With the current support for various web clients, you might not need a dedicated media player / streamer after all and all I wish for is MKV 1080p support without transcoding on either XBOX 360 or Sony PS3. I know it will never come, but that would be what would permanently cause me to fall in love with the first console that has it.

Meantime, Microsoft is busy selling Kinect controllers like hotcakes. While their goal was to sell around 5 millions units by the end of 2010, they managed a whooping 8 million sales in only two months…Now this is what I call success.