Archive | January 2, 2011

Vizio Android Tablet to arrive this year, teased at Rose Bowl

Android tablets are the hot portable devices next to Apple’s iPad and at a 7″ size, even more so in my opinion.

The demand is rising with the increased availability of quality applications so every manufacturer wants a piece of the pie, starting with the under $99 resistive touchscreen crap to the elegant Nook Color (full review here, rooting instructions here) and of course, the expensive Samsung Galaxy Tab.

This year, Vizio, a manufacturer well known for its cheap but good quality LCD TV sets initially sold at Costco, offers a sneak preview of a Vizio upcoming tablet in a Rose Bowl chairman message broad-casted at half-time break.

In the clip (included after the break), Randy Waynick, Vizio’s sales boss holds a Vizio tablet seemingly 7″ size and streaming real time video, while talking about new ways to view games on new products.

The reference is rather clear and we can’t wait to see if any Vizio tablet will be announced during this year’s CES show.

Update: Vizio just confirmed the upcoming release of an eight-inch slate with a front camera, three speakers and Wi-Fi. Vizio will also release an Android VIA Phone with a four-inch display, a back five-megapixel camera and also a front camera for videoconferencing. The shipments for both tablet and smartphone are expected in Summer 2011 and the OS used might use Android Honeycomb (ver 2.4). Since Vizio’s main field is TVs, the surprise announcement for this year includes an under $300 3D LCD TV.

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