Microsoft brings Windows to ARM processors

This is an amazing news: It looks that Microsoft will announce a version of Windows compatible with ARM instruction set at the upcoming CES Show in January 2011. The news was initially published by Bloomberg.

This is amazing, folks, and opens a potentially very lucrative domain for Microsoft and their operating system. Just imagine the various Android tablets modified to run Windows and have access to the huge application library already existent, just in need for a recompile. Or iPad dual booting in iOS and Windows. Whatever venue you choose to go, it is a game changer, and until now, it was developed in complete secret.

The new Windows version will not only be ARM centric but it will also work on the Intel / AMD processors as well. Could it be Windows Phone 7? One of its derivatives? Is it possible that Microsoft actually ported Windows 7? An early version of Windows 8? We’ll add more news as they become available.