Google eBooks is launched, Nook is also compatible

As we initially announced, Google eBook store is here, but it suffered a change of name and personality. Instead of Google Editions, it is now name Google eBooks (presumably even Google needs some SEO so they can be found easier through the search engines šŸ˜‰ ). In a radical departure from their competition, Google eBooks doesn’t rely on a unique in house designed eReader (see Amazon’s Kindle or Barnes and Noble Nook) but instead their content is available in any browser with javascript enabled. Beside that, Android already has a compatible application (you guessed that Android will be first, right?) and iOS devices got theirs as well.

In terms of content, Google claims to have around 300,000 copyrighted books and publications and a much larger number of free books. The DRM used is ACS4 so Kindle owners are out of luck. However, there are always work arounds for your legally purchased books, aren’t they? I still think once you paid for a book, you should be allowed to remove its DRM as long as you will do it just so you can use it on all your devices, not distribute it.

A very interesting news is that any dedicated eBook reader supporting Adobe eBook platform is also compatible with Google eBook store so devices as Nook and Nook Color (see our full reviews) are also compatible. Check here for a full list of devices that are compatible with Google eBooks. Also on the list are Kobo eReaders, Sony devices, but as we said, no Kindle. In order to transfer books bought via Google eBook store on your eReader, you’ll need to install Adobe Digital Editions.

Check after the break for an introductory video clip from Google. Nook Color is currently available for order atĀ Barnes and NobleĀ or fromĀ Walmart.