Boxee Box update arrives, fixes local content, subtitles, etc

If you are like me, got a Boxee Box and followed the firmware saga and the arguments on both sides of what to have the highest priority, local vs web content, you will be ecstatic to find out that a new software version was released by the Boxee Box team changing some very important aspects of the UI behaviour as follows:

Enabling user flavor selection (online/local inclination) during first login and via Settings – defaults for users selecting local will direct to local content and will not mandate multiple clicks to get to local content

  • Added alphabetical scrollbar for local content
  • Enhanced sorting options in browse screens (A-Z, Z-A, most popular, newest/oldest…)
  • Main menu supports additional filter options
  • Mark items as watched/unwatched from the Action menu
  • Added option for hourly scan of local libraries
  • When watching side-by-side or over/under video, the subtitles and OSD would not be visible when wearing 3D glasses. The user now has the option, under Settings, to have the user interface properly displayed when watching this kind of content
  • Added SMB client defaults to network settings

All in all, excellent changes that will improve significantly your experience with the box. For the full list of bug fixes check Boxee’s page (includes DVD iso aspect ratio fix, .vob files stuttering, saving SMB credentials, MKV hanging, aspect ratio, re-buffering, etc)

The update will be live in the next 24 hours for auto update and also available right now if you’ll manually check for a new version (via Settings-> System-> Update)

Reports: Some users report some new problems like 4:3 content automatically stretch to fit the screen and also local art disappearing after reboot. For some, the upgrade process is stuck at 38-39 percent.

The Boxee Box media streamers are available for $199 with free shipping and no taxes at Amazon. Check here for our full review.