Boxee Box gets UI change improving local media access

Boxee Box is an amazing box, with very good support for both web content and local content as well (Check our full review here). The problem is, with the latest UI change version 1.0, Boxee angered many customers by giving a higher priority to web content over local content. The protests didn’t take long to flood Boxee Box’s forums and the development team already started to make amends. The first changes were announced and include the capability to set your default behavior (watching more online content or more local content), easier sort through large collections ;), A-Z navigation trough your local content, Watched / Unwatched toggle and hourly folder scanning.

The update is scheduled to release some time this week (or this month considering Boxee’s understanding of week) but it is an excellent news for those who don’t care that much about web content. The new firmware will also included a bunch of bug fixes demanded by the customers.

In case you are eager to check with Boxee’s progress on future software releases, go here to see what bugs are/will be fixed to date.

Check for the UI sneak peak screenshots after the break.