Archive | December 31, 2010

Android gets a DLNA media streaming app from Skifta, might enable Netflix in the future

For all our media streaming needs, there is a new app in time that offers DLNA media streaming on the Android devices. The new app is released by Skifta and runs on everything supporting Android 2.2 and up. Interesting to know is that Skifta is a subsidiary of Qualcomm and this is their first foray in mobile apps per our knowledge.

The application comes with a client and a server and supports streaming of photos, music and videos, not only on Android but on any other DLNA supporting devices including connected TVs, media streamer boxes, PCs, consoles (XBOX 360 and PS3) and even some smart picture frames.

Beside local content, Skifta will also offer web streaming support, something a la PlayOn or TVersity Premium. The only problem is that, Skifta doesn’t actually transcode the content so you are limited to the formats your device actually supports. What I would be interested is if the Android client can actually work with a server other than Skifta’s own, for example TVersity that can be tweaked to transcode pretty much everything. Netflix on Android devices could also be a future possibility via this venue.

Check for a short video illustrating Skifta in action after the break.

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