Archive | December 25, 2010

Logitech Revue shipments stopped waiting for better Google TV software

Boy, what an interesting turn of events. After many reviews (including our own review) ¬†all over the Internet describing Google TV as a half baked device with a software that didn’t reach any degree of maturity (it’s called a Beta, you know?), after Google asked its partners to remove their products from CES 2011, waiting for a better software, it looks like now, even hardware already on the market is suspended and the production stopped, waiting for the same elusive software that would fix things.

Apparently, Logitech has asked Gigabyte Technology, the company that manufactures the Logitech Revue boxes to suspend the manufacturing until January 2011 in the hope that a new Google TV OS makes it out. The new version is widely expected to contain a application market, something that would drastically improve Google’s media streamer appeal.

However, the poor software is not Google’s only problem. Soon after Google TV media streamer devices were launched, the big TV networks that are actually the content providers started blocking Google TV one by one and currently the Google TV based media streamers are faring very poorly in terms of content. Beside improving the software, Google will have to improve its own negotiation skills if it wants to get some content love. The box does have potential with its HDMI overlay capabilities, but nowadays its the content and the software that really closes the deal. And for the current price ($249 currently on Amazon for a Revue and $399 for the Sony Google TV boxes) the device will better deliver the goods, otherwise it won’t sell.