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Microsoft brings Windows to ARM processors

This is an amazing news: It looks that Microsoft will announce a version of Windows compatible with ARM instruction set at the upcoming CES Show in January 2011. The news was initially published by Bloomberg.

This is amazing, folks, and opens a potentially very lucrative domain for Microsoft and their operating system. Just imagine the various Android tablets modified to run Windows and have access to the huge application library already existent, just in need for a recompile. Or iPad dual booting in iOS and Windows. Whatever venue you choose to go, it is a game changer, and until now, it was developed in complete secret.

The new Windows version will not only be ARM centric but it will also work on the Intel / AMD processors as well. Could it be Windows Phone 7? One of its derivatives? Is it possible that Microsoft actually ported Windows 7? An early version of Windows 8? We’ll add more news as they become available.

Logitech Revue Google TV on sale at Amazon for $249

If you want to get the new Google TV Logitech Revue Box (full review of the Sony unit here)  in time for Christmas, Amazon has it for $249, a large discount $50  from the original $299 price.

Since the initial review, Google released a software update that added a new Netflix client supporting categories and search, beside other improvements:

  • The new Netflix UI is based on HTML 5 just like the PS3 one that we reviewed not too long ago. The new interface enables searching and browsing by categories and even allows you to add DVD in the DVD queue.
  • Dual View is improved and the picture in picture can be resized and moved anywhere on the screen
  • Android Phones get a shiny new Remote Control App with voice search and movie sharing from your Android Phone on the big TV
  • You can now search for Movies and the Google TV will find them wherever they are available (live TV, Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, etc)

Deal of the Day – $80 – Roku XDS 1080p Media Streaming / Player 1080p

Amazon has the top of the line Roku XDS on sale for $80 (reduced from $100) with free shipping and no taxes in most of the US.

If you don’t care too much about local network content, Roku XDS is by far the best (and cheapest) media streamer on the market when it comes to online streaming. It features Netflix, Hulu Plus,  YouTube,  NASA, Flixster, Vimeo, Amazon Video On Demand , Pandora, MLB.TV, Ultimate Fighting Championship and a hundred other online clients available.

Roku XDS is the only Roku media streamer to have a local USB port that gives you access to video / music / photos stored on an external USB harddrive / memory stick and  dual-channel 802.11n wireless adapter.)

The box also features both HDMI and component outputs together with an optical port. The max resolution supported is 1080p.

Update: If you order now any one the Roku boxes, you will get one month of free Hulu Plus service!

Update2: A very popular deal, the box is out of stock but you can still order it at this price and it will ship when available.

Apple sells a cool million Apple TV media streamers in 90 days

Apple reaches a magic number of a million Apple TV media streamers sold in the first three months since launch, proving that brand actually sells better than everything else. While there are many more capable media streaming units on the market at the same price, it is obvious that most of the potential buyers will buy based on brand recognition.

While Apple TV lacks the capability of other media streamers to play popular video codecs like MKV, DIVX and the output resolution is limited to 720p, it is certainly very simple to use, has a beautiful interface and it just works well for its intended purpose. Among the online clients supported we can find Netflix, YouTube, Flickr and MobileMe, features HDMI out and can also stream music, videos and photos from PC or MAC.

Apple TV is available at Amazon for $99.

See Apple’s press release after the break.
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Viliv to show new Android and Windows 7 tablets at CES 2011

CES 2011 is getting closer and that means various gadget announcements are starting to pop up around.

The latest comes from Viliv who will launch new Android and Windows 7 tablets for 2011.

On the Android side, you’ll have Viliv X7 and Viliv X10, on the Windows 7 side there is a 1.45 pounds tablet called Viliv X70 and which is supposedly the slimmest and lightest Windows 7 based tablet in the world at 210 x 117 x 22.5 mm.

No other technical specs were released yet, but we can guess the screen size from their names and from Viliv past history we expect all of them to have 3G capabilities and HDMI out at 1080p for the Windows device.

N-trig DuoSense Pen enabled Android tablets to launch in 2011

N-Trig, an Israelian company just announced that N-Trig DuoSense pen and multitouch capacitive screen will soon support Android OS. The devices using the new technology are scheduled to launch sometime in the first time of next year and we are waiting for them, finger crossed. I have a feeling that adding pen support to a multi-touch device will increase productivity and allow us to maybe interact through handwriting.

There is no way to know if the handwriting technology will come from N-Trig or developed as part of the Android OS by Google, or if existing handwriting technologies will be employed (Gesture Search is one example that comes into mind).

N-Tring DuoSense is not a new technology, just its support for Android OS is. The technology is already employed by other tablets as HP Slate and Dell Latitude XT. Check after the break for N-Trig Press Release and a video illustrating the technology…(and expect a review as soon as an Android tablet featuring DuoSense becomes available) Read More…

Verizon FiOS Mobile for iPad launches, is free

Verizon just launched their Fios Mobile for iPad application designed to browse and search for TV programming, Video on Demand content and recordings, change channels, set recordings, etc, essentialy a huge and smart remote for their FiOS TV services.

The application is of course oriented toward their customers and has the following requirements:

– A Verizon FiOS-provided router
– A My Verizon User ID and Password
– At least one Set-Top Box for Guide Data, Video on Demand Browsing and What’s Hot viewing
– A DVR for Remote DVR Functionality and Video on Demand Bookmarking
– An HD Set-Top Box for Remote Control functionality

Unfortunately there is no streaming on your iPad, something that the Dish network remote actually has. iPad is uniquely fit for video streaming and we can only hope that at some point in the future Verizon will add this feature. And, since we started hoping, we can only hope for an Android version as soon as possible. Other than that, the application being free we have no more complaints.

Check after the break for a full gallery.

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