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Six free iOS development books available in iBooks

Just in time for the holidays, good old Apple gives us some gifts. If you are an iOS / Mac app developer you have the chance to score one of the six free programming books released on iBooks. Here are the titles:

  • Cocoa Fundamentals Guide
  • Object Oriented Programming With Objective-C
  • iOS Human Interface Guidelines
  • The Objective-C Programming Language
  • iOS Technology Overview
  • iOS Application Programming Guide

This is a nice gesture from Apple (of course, it serves their interest as well allowing us to create better apps – but can we complain?) so hop up, get iBooks (it’s also free) and start coding.

Deal of the Day – $298 PlayStation 3 160GB Slim + $100 Amazon Credit

Wow, this is probably the best deal for this year, Black Friday included. Amazon has the PlayStation 3 Slim, 160GB harddrive for $298 shipped, no taxes in most of the states and also including $100 Amazon store credit, making the PS3 only $198.

Includes Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, Blu-ray and many other media streaming features, beside playing games.

With the latest software update, it can play 3D Blu-ray movies as well. Considering the price, it probably won’t last too long.

New Kindle for Android with Magazines, Newspapers and store works on Nook Color

Per Amazon comments, Kindle for Android is their fastest growing Kindle applications and as such, it will get preferential treatment. As such, Amazon just announced that a new Kindle for Android update will arrive soon enabling newspapers and magazines functionality, purchasing, reading and syncing. Check here for a full list, over 100 in size.

The users will be capable of purchasing either a single issue or a full subscription and the content will be downloaded automatically by your Android device.

Now, if you used Kindle for Android before, you might now that whenever you wanted to purchase something, you were directed to open a web browser. Not anymore, The new version has an embedded store 🙂 so, similar with the Kindle store on Amazon’s own reader you can directly browse / buy stuff without leaving the application.

The best news however is that the new application works well on my rooted Nook Color so now I can enjoy two different eBook stores to purchase content. Isn’t the life good?

Check after the break for a photo gallery with the new Kindle running on the Nook Color.  Read More…

Tron: Legacy XBOX 360 controller in the works

A limited edition Tron:Legacy controller for XBOX 360 was announced by Performance Design Products (PDP).

The controller is also officially licensed by Microsoft, but, according to the manufacturer webpage, only 250 of these will see the light of the day. Certainly a collector item – they’ll sell for the reasonable $50 and be available on PDP website later this month.

At this point, we do wonder if Microsoft will pick up the production and sell a large number of these beauties. We certainly hope so. And, by the way, in case you asked yourself, the orange additions light up in the dark just like the Tron costumes :).

If you won’t be one of the lucky ones that will score one of these controllers, there are a number of other Tron related hi-tech items that can be purchased right now including a Razer Tron Gaming Mouse, a Razer Illuminated Tron Keyboard, a Tron Deluxe Light Cycle, the official Tron Game, etc.

Bing SERPs now return playable games

Hmmm, the miracle of a healthy competition…In a continuing effort to best each other, Google and Bing keep innovating and the latest product of these efforts is the new Bing feature that returns playable games written in Flash.

What is actually interesting is that, in order to play the game, you don’t necessarily have to leave the SERP (Search Results page) because the game is embedded right there. After you play it, you can presumably return to your search. That’s one of the methods employed by Microsoft to keep you as long as they can using their search engine.

Expect many games to follow this trend, especially after Microsoft just released their Microsoft Casual Games Hub just two days ago, a new gaming hub connecting the three major online venues Microsoft provides entertainment: MSN Games, Bing Games and Windows Live messenger.

After this feature will became popular enough, we can’t help but wonder how will that impact the work productivity. And now, excuse me until I play some Zuma’s Revenge levels. Just for 2 minutes, I swear 😉

Deal – Many iOS EA games on sale for 0.99 for the holidays

If you were waiting hoping to catch a holiday sale from EA, here is your chance. Electronic Arts joins the discount club and offers 68 of their iOS lineup games for only 0.99 each. Impressed? If you are, hurry to iTunes and spend some of your hard earned dollars for some holiday fun.

Among the most note worthy you can find Need for Speed (all three versions), Sim City, Spore, Monopoly, Fifa, Scrabble, Mass Effect Galaxy, Tetris, etc.

The full list of games available after the break (compiled by Touch Arcade, including links to iTunes).

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