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How to root Android Nexus S

It didn’t take too long this time. Nexus S that runs the latest and greatest Android 2.3 codename Gingerbread  just got released and already the folks from XDA Developers have devised a method to root it.

Here is how to do it (Windows platform):

Step 1: Connect your Android Phone to your PC via USB port

Step 2: Install Android SDK (for more info in how to do it, check our article about rooting Nook Color). You’ll also need to learn how to issue commands via adb.exe toward the phone while in the Command Line Windows.

Step 3: Open a Command Line Windows and navigate inside the Android SDK folder, Tools (or any other folder where ADB.EXE is located) Read More…

Google Maps 5 launches on Android, works well on Nook Color

This is fine release folks, one of the best to date, and the good news is that it is free!

Android Google Maps was just updated to version 5 and with it, a large set of enhancements and additions.

The most important? The buildings are now in 3D, the maps are now vector based instead of tile based reducing the bandwidth and allowing to save your maps offline.

Based on Google’s calculations, switching to vector based maps saves approximately 70% of the bandwidth required and of course, improves caching, especially if you have a SD card installed.

The application is currently available in Android Market and works well if you have anything over Android 1.6.

The new features will work on the devices based on Android 2.0 and up and I can confirm that it works extremely well in my rooted Nook Color!

Check after the break for a full gallery of Google Maps 5 working on a rooted Nook Color.

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LinkedIn for Android launches, is free, works on Nook Color

If you waited for a long time to have a native Android LinkedIn application, wait no longer it is here and free.

The application is currently in beta, so it won’t be available in Android Market for a while. However, you can access it if you join the LinkedIn for Android group. If you do not want to join, the apk package can be found here. (scroll down toward the middle of the page for the download link).

The application offers similar functionality to the other devices (iPhone, Blackberry) like updates, people profiles, articles, content shared, etc. Very much like the Facebook, but for business.  Contact / people search is also supported with all the standard features including sending / replying to invitations.

What is even better, I download the application, installed it on my rooted Nook Color (rooting instructions here) and it works perfectly well in full screen. Highly recommended.

iBooks 1.2 for iPhone and IPad brings Collections, AirPrint and illustrated books

Apple just released iBooks 1.2 and with it, a series of useful enhancements. One of the most important in my opinion is the addition of Collections that can be used to sort your books in any manner you like. By default, the feature is used to separate your purchased eBooks from the side loaded PDF docs.

Another useful feature available only on iOS 4.2 devices is AirPrint that enables you to print content directly from the document you read. As you can imagine though, for copyrighted content the feature is disabled although I am curious how long it would take to be hacked. Lastly, if you have children they might appreciate the support for illustrated books covering anything from children books to classy art books.

iBooks is like its predecessor free and available right now.

Internet Explorer 9 way more secure than every other browser

Well, what do you know? Mirosoft really got it right this time. Conform to a study just released by NSS Labs, IE 9 beta is way more secure than any other browser including Firefox 3.6, Safari 5, Chrome 6 and the pitiful Opera 10 which makes the bottom of the list.

Not only that, but it looks like the difference is astonishing with IE 9 catching 99% of the malware threats, IE8 a close second with 90% and far, far away comes Firefox 3.6 with only 19%, Safari 5 with 11% and Chrome 6 with 3%. Opera caught none of the threats which makes the browse impossible to recommend.

While the results certainly would put Microsoft’s own browser far ahead, we should not forget that the tests were contracted by Microsoft’s own SmartScreen product team for internal benchmarking. As a result, we do not know how representative to the real world is the malware URL list used…Also, Firefox and other browsers have their own security plug-ins available and it is unknown if they were used or not…

Bing 2.0 for iPhone features Facebook integration and Streetside

Bing for iPhone 2.0 is here and this important update brings a large set of improvements. The most important are the new integration with Facebook where you can Like a result from the SERP (Search Result Page), a new user interface similar to Zune / Windows Phone 7 and a new feature for the mobile Bing – Streetside which, you guessed, offers you a view of a street, with extremely easy  navigation and really smooth functionality.

The experience is very interesting, it feels like your iPhone transformed into a Windows Phone 7 device. You can search for movies, news, directions, shopping, social, weather, everything in a really fluid user interface. Private search is also among the features provided in this version.

When you search for Movies Bing will use the location services to find out the movies close to your location and sort them by theater or name. The restaurants will also be sorted by price, style, etc. You can actually add restaurants or any other locations on a reminder list and the phone will remind you automatically when you get close to that location.

The directions have been improved as well with driving, public transportation or walking directions provided in real-time.

Check after the break for the full feature description and a video clip featuring the new Bing 2.0 for iPhone features. Read More…