Archive | December 14, 2010

How to connect and tether Android Nook Color to Ad-Hoc networks like MyWi

If you have a Nook Color device and followed my first two articles about rooting and enabling side loading apps and enabling Android Market on the Nook Color, and, if you are like me and need everything working properly, there is one thing left to convert Nook Color in something exquisite…Enabling it to tether to your smartphone – an iPhone 4 in my case.

Let’s start with a little bit of background: AT&T won’t let you tether easily so this is one of the main reason to jailbreak your iPhone. Once you jailbroken it, there is a very useful application called MyWi, currently at version 4.0. MyWi enables an Ad-hoc connection and a PC can connect and tether through it absolutely fine. The problem is that by default, Android devices can’t connect to Ad-hoc networks, they require only infrastructure networks that neither iPhone app can provide, MyWi included. The next best thing would be to enable somehow Nook Color to see and connect to Ad Hoc networks. Read More…

How to install / enable Android Market on your Nook Color

This is our second article from the Nook Color rooting / hacking series in which we are trying to enable as many Nook Color owners to use their device at its full potential. The first article dealt mostly with rooting process in which you enabled your Nook Color to allow side loading applications. This article will show you how to  install the Android Market on it and, as for the first article, the credit goes entirely to the fine folks from Nook Devs. They were the first to post a detailed step by step procedure and I’ll just try in here to touch some steps that are not very clear or where I had issues.

Note: Even the original Nook Devs article strongly warns that the process is hard to follow, I did not find it so. You just need to be very careful when editing the mentioned files that you absolutely follow the steps and you do not touch anything else. You will have to be used to using the command line and I imagine if you successfully followed the first article and rooted your Nook, you are quite there already.

Among the prerequisites,  you’ll need to root your Nook Color. Check  our article to do so. Then, you’ll have to download three files:

1. as produced by MrMuffin, and modifed by Modembug. This is basically a package containing the Google Apps including Market and GMail, modified to work on the Nook Color. Copy it in the same folder with ADB.EXE application. (inside Android SDK \ Tools folder).

2. YouTube for Eclaire. A nice YouTube application which you might want to actually buy once the Marketplace is installed. For now, it will be used to give you a way to input your GMail credentials. Copy it in the same folder with ADB.EXE application. (inside Android SDK \ Tools folder). Read More…