Archive | December 13, 2010

Boxee Box update arrives, fixes local content, subtitles, etc

If you are like me, got a Boxee Box and followed the firmware saga and the arguments on both sides of what to have the highest priority, local vs web content, you will be ecstatic to find out that a new software version was released by the Boxee Box team changing some very important aspects of the UI behaviour as follows:

Enabling user flavor selection (online/local inclination) during first login and via Settings – defaults for users selecting local will direct to local content and will not mandate multiple clicks to get to local content

  • Added alphabetical scrollbar for local content
  • Enhanced sorting options in browse screens (A-Z, Z-A, most popular, newest/oldest…)
  • Main menu supports additional filter options
  • Mark items as watched/unwatched from the Action menu Read More…

Seagate launches first high performance enterprise 1TB 2.5 hard drive

For those interested in high density performance servers, Seagate has something to sell. They recently released the new 1TB 2.5 inches hard drive to be used in performance servers, part of the Constellation.2 family.

Beside transfer  performance up to 6 Gb/s, the new drives also feature the T10 Protection Information Standard, a best in class low power usage and 1.4 millions hours MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure). Security wise, the drives can get the SED (Self Encrypting Drive) option.

The Constellation.2 family includes two other capacities, 250GB and 500GB. The new hard drives are scheduled to ship by the end of the year in the new Power Edge servers and also in various high performance NAS enclosures.

No prices is announced but if you are in high performance enterprise storage, you know that it depends more of the system integrator than the manufacturer.

via Seagate

Roku firmware 2.9 b1509 available, brings 1080p to Roku XR and improved HULU

Just in time for the holidays, you get an early gift from Roku that significantly improved your Roku XR media streamer. Thanks to the new firmware version 2.9 b1509, all Roku XR media streamers can now stream in all 1080p full glory. Beside the higher resolution for this model, the update bring additional bug fixes for loading large images, buffering issues  in Roku Newscaster, incorrect aspect ration, channel re-ordering, etc.

The update also improves the existing HULU streaming application adding quicker navigation, playback, especially on networks with higher latencies.

You can choose to get the new firmware via automatic update over the next several days or manually triggering it if you can’t wait by going to Settings->Player Info->Check for Updates.

Roku media streamers are currently among the most featured Internet players and support web clients for popular web services like Netflix (one of the best clients) , Amazon Video On Demand, MLB.TV, Hulu Plus, Pandora, YouTube, Flickr, NHL, UFC, Vimeo, Flickster, NASA, Facebook Photos and tens of others.

We’ll add a review for the new version as soon as possible.