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Google Analytics App for Windows Phone 7 version 1.1 available

The Review Horizon Analytics application for Windows Phone 7 version 1.1 just got approved to the marketplace.

Among other things, version 1.1 fixes a nasty bug that made the application useless for everybody that uses a non address to log in to Google Analytics, for which I do apologize.

Review Horizon Analytics has both a paid ($1.99)  and a free (ad supported, called Analytics Free) version and retrieve and displays the most common web traffic reports from Google Analytics including Hourly Visits, Visitor Summary, Bounce Rate, New Visits, Average time on site, Average page views, Traffic Sources, Top Countries , Top Cities, Top Keywords, Top Landing Pages, Top OS with the top 20 in each category. Read More…

YouTube allow behaving users to upload movies longer than 15 minutes

Since yesterday, users that don’t have a history of uploading copyrighted materials can upload movies on YouTube without being limited by the old 15 minutes rule.

The rule will apply for now to selected users, that were in compliance with YouTube’s rules, but Google didn’t offer additional details. However, not that the limit is no longer in place, you could try and let us know if you are amongst the selected few. To check if you qualify, log-in to your YouTube account and click the “Upload” button.

Here is a hint: Since many media streamers now support YouTube streaming clients, you can save all your family movies in the cloud and be able to access them from anywhere now that unlimited length movies can be uploaded. This way your entire family can share them from multiple locations.

The only rule is that you only upload original content. Family movies certainly qualify.

via YouTube Blog

XBOX 360 sells more units than Nintendo Wii in November

Wow, that’s a historical event: The NPD number are out for November and for the first time in its 5 years history, Microsoft sold more XBOX 360 units that Nintendo Wii. The score? 1.37 million XBOX 360 units sold versus 1.26 million Wii units. While XBOX 360 jumped an incredible 67% since the same period last year, Wii was pretty much constant jumping only 0.8 percent. That compares more than favorably with Sony which managed a 25 percent drop compared with last November and it looks like Sony Move didn’t really help.

Now, there is no doubt the significant gains for XBOX 360 are thanks in most part to the amazing Kinect controller, a release that certainly brings at least 2-3 years of new life to the 5 years old console. I, myself got one for my 7 years old son and he absolutely enjoys it while getting a very good workout, a first for the console. Since currently the stand-alone Kinect controller is out of stock in many places, you might want to consider the XBOX 360 4GB Kinect Bundle if you want to get one for Christmas.