Archive | December 7, 2010

After Google, Amazon Kindle says me too, allows full eBooks in the Web Browser

After Google announced its own eBook store allowing users to read purchased eBooks in a Web Browser, Amazon announced they plan to do the same.

Until now, their Kindle for the Web technology only allowed sampling a book, in order to help their own store and the affiliate websites but not allowing a full reading experience, presumably out of fear the content would be copied.

Not anymore, and after the preview period (happening today) you can convert your own website into a Kindle store if you want.

It is very easy to embed the Kindle for the Web code in your webpage, as the following example will prove:

Check after the break to see the embedded code in action.

<div id=’kindleReaderDiv96′></div><script type=’text/javascript’ src=’’></script><script>KindleReader.LoadSample({containerID: ‘kindleReaderDiv96’, asin: ‘B003F3PMEI’, width: ‘780’, height: ‘650’});</script>

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