Archive | December 3, 2010

How to take Nook Color screenshots, tips, tricks, shortcuts and hacks

Nook Color has a lot of features, and some of them are not immediately obvious from the user interface. For other, you need to dig deep in the user manual and not everybody has the time to do it. I created a small list of useful tricks and I’ll add to it as I find out more. I also posted the fixes for some issues like not recognizing Nook Color when connected via USB in some Windows versions.

1. How to take screenshots from your Nook Color?

In order to take a screenshot on your Nook Color device, you need to press Vol- (Volume Down) button for a very short time, while also holding the Nook (Home) button pushed. The screenshots will be available under the Gallery. The notification area will also confirm that the screenshot was taken. If you want to copy the screenshots to your computer, just plug the Nook Color via USB and navigate to root\Screenshots folder.

2. How to look up a word in the dictionary?

Just touch the desired word with your finger and hold for more than a second. A pop-up will appear.

3. When I read a book, the reading area is too narrow. I want to fully take advantage of my screen width… Read More…

Nook SDK 1.0 now available for download (Android)

Although the Nook Color has been rooted and various Android applications are compatible, if you want to take advantage of the Barnes & Noble layout and additional functionality, Nook SDK version 1.0 is out and available to download for free.

NOOKcolor runs the Android 2.1 Operating System and works with the Android SDK (API Level 7).

Beside this, Barnes & Noble provides an Android SDK add-on (NOOK SDK 1.0) to help you get started developing applications for NOOKcolor.

The NOOK SDK 1.0 contains the following packages:

  • Android Virtual Device (AVD) Emulator
  • Android Debug Bridge (ADB) configuration settings
  • Sample Code
  • Documentation for NOOKcolor files and components

The NOOK SDK 1.0 Android add-on uses the Android SDK and AVD Manager to perform the installation.

To download the Nook SDK, all you need to do is create a Barnes & Noble account, or sigh in to your existing one. The NOOK SDK can be downloaded here.