Xbox 360 Fall 2010 Dashboard Update is out

Today the XBOX 360 owners have a reason to rejoice – The Fall 2010 Dashboard Update is out and, like usual, it brings out a ton of goodies. Let’s see what they are:

1. ESPN streaming – This is huge and might be the necessary argument for some to skip cable / satellite TV subscription. If you already have XBOX Live Gold and you are getting your internet through one of the approved ISPs, you can stream ESPN live and/ or clips in full HD glory. If your ISP is not yet affiliate, you will still have access to streaming, but not the live events.

2. Netflix search with live results update – this is something that we really expected ,especially that now PS3 got its disk-less Netflix too and search as well. What we didn’t expect (or we did, but we had different hopes) is that Netflix access still requires Live Gold subscription…Come on Microsoft, PS3 and Wii are doing it for free.

3. Music and Zune Pass added to Zune Video along with some neat UI changes

4. Kinect (of course) including gesture based UI interaction a la Minority Report

5. Dashboard changes – now you can see three panels at the same time, side by side instead of all of them overlapped

You can see the full list of changes at Major Nelson’s website.

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