Netflix streaming only plan is here for $7.99

Just in time for the holidays, you can start gifting Netflix memberships because the new streaming only plan from Netflix is here and priced at $7.99.

The new price is just a dollar below the current one disc at a time plan (which gets a dollar more expensive to $9.99). The new price puts Netflix on the same level (at least price wise) with Hulu Plus, although in my opinion there is no really competition between the two streaming services: Netflix has both much more content and no ads, which makes the choice easier.

Also, Netflix is available on many more media streaming boxes than Hulu many of them under $99 like Roku, WD TV Live Plus, Apple TV, Google TV, iPhone, iPad and soon to come on the best media streamer around, Boxee Box.

Currently, you can have 6 Netflix streaming devices per one account and you can also stream on several of them at the same time (if you have the bandwidth). With the new streaming only plan and raising prices on the other disc enabled plans, it is obvious now where Netflix priorities are and we can only agree 🙂

via Netflix

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