Logitech Harmony Adapter for PS3 Review

Sometimes, those little things just make life a little bit better and Logitech Harmony Adapter for PS3 is one of them (albeit quite expensive). As you know, for some yet unexplained reason, Sony decided to manufacture a Bluetooth PS3 remote control instead of an infrared one (and of course they conveniently build the PS3 itself without a IR sensor). This left a certain category of users in the dust, the ones that like to have everything at a touch of a button (and one remote), myself included.

At the beginning, when PS3 wasn’t yet the multimedia workhorse it is now, I was content to control it via the original remote or just using one of the controllers. However, with the addition of VUDU, Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc, it has become one of my main sources of entertainment in the living room and, being lazy I started to look for a solution to use with my beloved Harmony 880.

Various solutions appeared fairly soon and they all worked quite well, with one caveat: They used USB adapters that would plug in your PS3 but since the USB ports are not powered while your PS3 is off, they were not able to turn it on. Also, some adapters had issues with sending multiple signals to turn the PS3 off (remember, you need to issue more than one command to turn it off).

While expensive, as most Logitech branded products are, the Logitech Harmony adapter works very well (I have to say again, like most Logitech products I used). The controller itself is small, has an attractive piano black design similar to the PS3 and it is independently powered. It also uses Bluetooth protocol, exactly the way the original PS3 remote does. In fact, it has to be paired through the same process you would normally pair a PS3 Bluetooth remote and it will replace it.

Note: There is one thing you need to know. If you purchased your PS3 before this adapter came on the market and you were using the Harmony remote with it, you’ll have to remoe the activity and add it again. This way, your Logitech harmony remote will be properly programmed with the adapter codes and capable of using it.


The Logitech Harmony Adapter for PS3 works very well, and has a high WAF (Wife Acceptance / Approval Factor). My wife hates to switch between remotes but loves the Harmony solution. While expensive, is one of the little things that makes life more enjoyable and you could (and probably do) waste money on many other things, not quite as useful as this one. I use it every day, especially since Netflix on PS3 is one of the best implementations I have seen (see our Netflix PS3 review here).
– works perfectly well!!!
– self powered so it turns on/off your PS3
– emulates all the commands from the original PS3 bluetooth remote
– no USB ports are used
– works in PS2 emulatin mode for the PS3 devices supporting it


– somewhat expensive, although cheaper lately (around $44 at Amazon, shipped)


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