iPad 2 to launch in April 2011

Apple iPad 2nd generation should come a year after the first one, sometime around April 2011. At least this is what the analysts are saying… and, judging by the well known Apple update cycle for iPhones, it doesn’t require any economical training to come with this kind of predictions.

However, sometimes, if a prediction comes from famous analysts or from an unusual large number of them, it can raise expectations and public disappointment if they are not fulfilled, and at that point a prediction can be the driving engine working toward its own self fulfillment.

This time, Brian Marshall of Gleacher & Co, a Wall Street analyst believes that Apple iPad 2 might be launched around the same time a new CDMA iPhone is also released which can make it compatible with Verizon network.

While no significant changes are expected (let’s also remember that big hardware changes are coming from Apple every two years instead of every year), the new iPad 2 might feature dual cameras, similar to the current iPhone 4 and, FaceTime functionality. It is obviously to early to speculate about price and other features, but you can certainly count on us to review it when it will be available.

via ComputerWorld

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