How to increase Netflix 6 streaming devices limit – call Netflix and bug them

Let’s face it, with Netflix streaming capable devices popping out everywhere at very low (under $100) prices  and Netflix clients available on most modern smartphones, the number of such devices in an average family will soon be larger than 6 which is the current limit per one Netflix subscription. Sure, you can go to your account and activate / deactivate devices as you need them, but it is annoying, especially in 2010. When I want to watch a movie, I want to turn on whatever equipment I have and start watching immediately, not to go on the Internet and configure stuff.  I am sure that I’m not alone in this predicament and there are other families that have a bunch of iPhones / iPads / iPod touch / connected TVs / Google TV and various media streamers or Blu-ray players Netflix capable. I am currently at 12 (including XBOX 360 / PS3 consoles) and while not necessary a typical case, more and more people will share my pain soon. And, by the way, I am not counting any of the PCs capable of streaming Netflix  😀

What to do?

I just called Netflix customer service and while the CSR couldn’t change the limit of 6 devices allowed at one time for my account, he seemed extremely eager to get the necessary feedback from me. If I understand the situation correctly, the 6 devices limit comes from the content providers and Netflix would actually love to be able to raise it. What we can do is to call Netflix (phone 1-866-716-0414) and ask them to increase your limit. It won’t happen right away but at least there is an interest from Netflix and if they get enough requests they might be able to lobby their case successfully with the content providers.

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