eBooks sales to reach a cool billion dollars in 2010

Yes, it is right…eBooks are no longer a niche reserved to techno-files as US consumers spent / will spend around a billion dollars buying eBooks for this year, and the number is projected to increase yet again to close to 3 billion dollars by 2015 says a recent survey by Forrester group using a sample of 4,000 people. While most of those (93 percent) still like to read the old way (killing trees), the other 7 percent make up the number while reading more.

According to Forrester’s numbers, the standard eBook reader will read about 66% eBooks and the rest in paper format. I expect both numbers to climb, the 7 percent currently using eReaders and the ratio of eBooks / paper books a eReader owner reads. For me, the ratio is close to 100%.

Interestingly enough, dedicated eReaders are at a close second place (32 percent) , most readers preferring to read their eBooks on their notebooks (35 percent) .

The recent drop in eReader prices also contributed to the sales, most devices being around $100 which is the compulsive buying range and the current market leader is Amazon’s Kindle 3 (full review here) with around 70 percent market share. At a distant second comes Barnes and Noble with their Nook (full review here) at around 15-20 percent.

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