E-Ink announces their first color paper display, to be used in Hanvon eReaders

It officially happened: E Ink Holdings came out in a big way announcing their first ePaper eInk e(Color) 😉 display which will actually be used in a eReader.

Based on the Triton Imaging Film (the same technology behind the Pearl eInk screens in Amazon Kindle 3), the new display promises to improve performance with up to 20% and a whooping month battery life (similar with the current Kindle 3, but of course, colorful). Based on e Ink’s projections, the market for anything with ePaper will reach 5 billions dollars in 2016 so there is a lot to gain in being the first on the market.

The first eReaders to include the new color eInk display are coming from Hanvon (see picture) with their 10 inches sized devices (9.68 inches to be exact) which will be launched next March in China for about $440 and will feature Wi-Fi and 3G wireless.
We can, of course only hope that someday a color Kindle based on the same technology will be released in US, ideally under $200. Until then, there is only NOOKcolor

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