Archive | November 25, 2010

Black Friday Deal – $62 shipped – Seagate ST32000542AS Barracuda LP Hard Drive – 2TB, 5900 RPM, 32MB, SATA-3G

The best hard drive deal to date for 2010 Black Friday is at Tiger Direct – Seagate ST32000542AS Barracuda LP Hard Drive – 2TB for only $59.99 plus $7 for shipping and minus $5 via Google Checkout nets it at just $62 shipped (if you are in one of the states with no taxes for Tiger Direct).

You can only buy one, but if you have multiple Google accounts you can add the same credit card to each of them (I got three hard drives this way). Total for California, $61.98 each shipped. By far the best deal in storage for this Black Friday.

The hard drive is 2TB at 5900 RPM, a green drive (also 32MB cache) and is one of the best for media servers but not as good as a boot drive since it tends to enter in sleep if not used for a while.