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Amazon Black Friday deal – Kindle 2 for only $89

For those that just want a cheap eReader and don’t care too much to have the latest generation, Amazon dug deep in their warehouses and found some leftover Kindle 2nd generation (with free 3G and all), for the incredible price of $89. This model has exactly the same eInk screen as the current Nook but also 3G internet access.

This will obviously be a door buster deal and  limited while the supplies last. The deal will be live at 9AM Pacific Time this Friday and featured under Amazon Lightning Deals category. Don’t forget to bookmark and check at 9:00AM sharp!

Facebook, Blockbuster, Wireless USB Keyboard support, AccuWeather and more coming to WD TV Live and Live Plus

It is always a good thing when your gadget just gets smarter without costing you a thing. Via a new software update (version 1.04.10), Western Digital’s flagship streamers, WD TV Live and WD TV Live Plus (the one with Netflix) got Facebook (where you can update your status, get News and videos, upload photos, etc), Deezer (on demand music service), Flingo (free Internet TV from leading studios, TV networks, etc), (you know what that is).

Both WD TV Live (simple and Plus) versions also get USB wireless keyboard support which will prove really useful when you update your Facebook status or search for a video clip on YouTube.

All in all, a good review that certainly improves the media streamer value. WD TV Live Plus is currently available at Amazon with no taxes and free shipping in most of the states for $99. Read here our full review.

For who is interested in tinkering with their box, there is a unofficial custom firmware at B-RAD that provides additional functionality.
Check after the break for WD’s Press Release
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How to jailbreak iPhone / iPad and iPod iOS 4.2.1 redsn0w 0.9.6b4

The never tired hackers from Dev-Team blog  just released (under the title Thanksgiving with Apple) redsnow version 0.9.6b4 that can jailbreak your iWhatever running Apple’s latest iOS 4.2.1. For now, this is a “tethered” jailbreak (you’ll need to do it via a computer every time you reboot your device) but if you absolutely have to do it, go ahead.

The jailbreak method is based on Geohot Limera1n exploit and works quite well, but again, it is a “tethered method”. I imagine most readers will wait until a permanent method will come up.

Note: The method is permanent for older devices (iPhone3G, older iPhone3GS, and non-MC iPod touch 2G) so you won’t have to do it again if you have one of those devices. This is a god news as iOS 4.2.1 is know to solve some of the speed issues older devices had with iOS 4.x.

The jailbreaking redsnow app is available for both PC and MAC here. Unpack it and follow the easy instructions included to perform the jailbreak. (Check after the break for 4 easy steps to perform it).

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Acer Android tablets due April 2011 – 7 and 10 inches, 1080p, cameras, 3G

Acer Iconia Dual Screen Notebook wasn’t everything Acer had to announce for today, they are also going big in the tablets department hoping to put at least a dent in Apple’s iPad supremacy. The two Android based tablets will be available in April 2011 and will come in two sizes – 7 inches and 10.1 inches.

  • The 7 inches one is built around a dual core AMD 1.2GHz CPU, 1280 x 800 pixels LCD (16:10 ratio) and HDMI output, 5 MB camera (rear facing), HD class (unspecified resolution) front facing camera for video conference, WiFi and 3G connectivity and Dolby sound system
  • The 10.1 inches tables is 1.3 mm thin, built around a 1GHz CPU, 1080p capability, 4 MP camera, 1280 x 800 pixels LCD, also HDMI output, etc.

Both tablets will include Adobe Flash 10.1 support (anybody said iPad???)

Check Acer’s full press release after the break. Read More…

Acer Iconia Dual Screen Notebook announced

Wow, what a beauty! Acer just announced a beautiful notebook that has an extra screen when most notebooks have a keyboard. The new notebook is called Iconia and it is powered by Windows 7.

While not many other hardware specs are announced, we know that Iconia is based on Intel Core i5, features 3G connectivity, HDMI output, Dolby Home Theater v3 sound and dual 14 inches 1366×768 resolution, high-brightness Acer CineCrystal™ LED-backlit TFT LCDs and that it will also come loaded with a plethora of touch enabled applications (read Acer Press release below for more info). Among the nifty things you can do with your hands (:D) are special gestures – calling menus by placing 5 fingers on the screen and calling the keyboard on the lower screen when you touch ti with all your 10 fingers.

What is better, Acer will release a Software Development Kit to the interested programmers and potential amazing applications could appear fairly soon.

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Android OS gets Dish Network Remote Access App – TV Everywhere

Dish Network recently released their remote access application for their Sling enabled devices (VIP 722 / 722k or VIP 922 – full review here).

The application is free and is part of a growing online presence from Dish Network, aimed at serving their TV service everywhere you might be.

To enable universal access, the application is also capable of streaming recorder or live TV through both WiFi and 3G, you can program and access the DVR, Guide and everything in between. Pretty nifty considering the price.

The streaming application is already available on iPhone and iPod touch, Blackberry and of course, PC where you can access your sling enabled DVR directly from the Web Browser, and it is scheduled to be launched soon on iPad along with iOS 4.2.

Check after the break for Dish Network full Press Release.

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